Code of Conduct

  1. Treat fellow players with respect in all circumstances, including when speaking about PvP players on either side.
  2. Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, as well as discrimination based on religion or age are prohibited. Why? See Rule #1.*
  3. a) Refrain from foul, disrespectful or derogatory language (etc), political commentary and sexual humour/innuendo. Our kinship includes players from many cultures, ages, and beliefs. Recognize that not all of them are adults and/or your language/statements may make them uncomfortable.
    b) Be considerate of other kinnies’ time and personal objectives. While every kinny is willing to help another kinny in difficulty, constant demands for common tasks (e.g. power-leveling, frequent demands for crafting new equipment) can become a form of harassment.
  4. The use of items in kinship chests is restricted to leveling craftsmen or for improving the weapons, armour, and statistics of Eagles members. Take what you need and leave the rest for our fellow Eagles. Please do not stockpile crafting materials or sell items from our kinship chests to benefit your character economically.*
  5. Do not sell goods in kinship chat or offer goods and services in kinship chat for which you will want reimbursement.*

*This is considered a serious infraction of the Code of Conduct. See the list of responses to serious infractions of the Code of Conduct below.

Response to serious infractions of the Code of Conduct

1st infraction: Contact the person via IM and discuss the issue and ask nicely to refrain from doing it again.

2nd infraction: Contact the person via IM and inform them of their demotion to recruit for a two week trial period to see if there are any further infractions.

3rd infraction: Removal from the kinship after the agreement of at least two members of the Council, one of which is a leader.

We adhere to the principles of proportionality in our response to offences. Any member that believes he or she has wrongly been sanctioned can appeal to the council in its entirety.