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We’re a kinship on the Arkenstone* server of Lord of the Rings Online. We’re a friendly, supportive and active group who play together on a regular basis. We’re international, diverse, and welcome all ages and abilities.

We came about thanks to the Coursera Online Games: New Media, Literature and Narrative course in 2013. We’re honoured to have been chosen as the recommended kinship on our server for students taking the 2014 session of the course, and again in 2015.

We’re an easy-going and open group of people who enjoy making new friends in-game. We are diverse in our in-game interests. Some of us love to focus on the storyline of the epic quests while others have dived deep into crafting. Some of us prefer to take a slow, meandering journey from the intro to the end game, others are eager to reach level-cap as soon as possible. Some of us are dedicated to improving our group skills, others prefer to take on solo challenges.

Though we each enjoy LotRO in our own way, we are held together by our respect and support for one another. Our group activities and kin events reflect this – they cater to all our member levels and provide our members with opportunities to progress in many different game dimensions.

We are not going to pressure any member to reach a certain level or focus on a particular aspect of the game. Our support of each other is never coerced – we are free to help each other when and how we choose. If you want help with leveling your character quickly, you’ll get a boost from time to time from a kin member, but we never pressure members to power level other members.

We hold regular events within the kinship and have alliances with other established kinships on the Arkenstone server. We organise skirmishes, instances, and social events both planned and spontaneous. We are working on building up our player base to also run raids. If you’d like to run a one-off event, like a class-specific training session, or lead a regular event, please feel free to do so! You can chat to an officer in-game if you’d like help setting it up and/or letting people know when it’s on. You can see all our planned events on our calendar.

If you’re a casual gamer, mostly want to swap cosmetics or need help with crafting we’re sure you’ll find someone with similar interests within the kin.

If you want to find out if we’re the right fit for you, come and join an instance with us. You can find out about contacting officers in-game and outside here.

* The Eagles of Thorondor started out on Meneldor. We moved to Arkenstone in the World Consolidation Event of 2015.

Eagles FAQ

Help others. Be kind. We’re a team!

Or, as our many international kin might say:

Ayudar a otros y ser respetuosos. Porque somos un equipo! (Spanish)

De l’entraide, des gens sympas : une vraie équipe ! (French)

Auxilia outros. Sê simpatico. Nós somos uma equipa! (Portuguese)

Hilf anderen. Sei nett. Wir sind ein Team. (German)

Help anderen. Wees vriendelijk. We zijn een team!! (Dutch)

ساعد الاخرين . كن لطيفا. فنحن فريق. (Arabic)

Hjälp andra. Var snäll. Vi är ett team! (Swedish)

Tumulong sa iba. Maging mabait. Isa tayong grupo! (Tagalog)

vere vallaki sahayam cheyandi.andaritho manchiga vundu.manamu antha oka team. (Teluga)

sabko help kijiye,sabke sath ache se pesh anahe,ham sab ek team hei. (Hindi)

помогай другим. будь добрым. мы команда! (Russian)

We take our responsibility to each other very seriously. We’ve developed a Code of Conduct which we use to maintain a healthy kinship. We believe that if everyone treats everyone else respectfully then the kinship will thrive. Please read our full Code of Conduct before you join the Eagles. If you feel that someone is not upholding our ethos or breaking one of our rules, please contact the kinship Leader or an Officer and we’ll investigate the issue.
2022 Leader: Bregeniuk
2022 Council Officer: Salnir
2022 Officers: Baturalp, Frosty, Ironquill, Quil, Sagitti

Together the leader and council officers make up the Council. The Council is responsible for guiding the direction of the kinship. We hold regular meetings to discuss issues as they arise. We strive for consensus, but when we can not reach consensus decisions are made by majority vote.

Our officers focus on supporting the kinship in-game. They are tasked with in-game mentoring, as well as organising and supporting kinship and ally events.

We have elections every six months to choose leaders and officers. We take democracy seriously in the Eagles.

We hold regular kinship events and organise raids, skirmishes and instances with our allies. Scheduled events are posted on the calendar. If there’s nothing that catches your eye we’ll help you organise the type or level of event that suits you.
We have lots of information in our New Member Guide. Even if you’re not a new member you’ll find plenty of interest there, like where to find what you need from the kinship chests, about our alliance partners, and more.