Joining the kinship

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If you think our kinship is a good fit for you, and you’re willing to be a kind, mature, and supportive fellow member, then you are very welcome to join us. Just contact an officer in-game or send an email to the officers that includes your character name and a day and time you’ll be online.

Contacting us in-game

If you’re an experienced LotRO player, you can join us by searching for “eagles” using the Fellowing tab in the social panel. Just send a tell to any Eagles of Thorondor member and ask to be contacted by an officer of the kin. Or, send an in-game mail to one of the officers that includes a day and time you’ll be online and an officer will contact you then.

If you’re new to LotRO, find us in game by:

  1. creating a character on the Arkenstone server
  2. enter the Intro to the game
  3. in the “Say” field of the chat panel, type:
    /joinchannel coursera
    You should see a message in the chat panel saying you have joined the coursera chat channel.*
  4. in the “Say” field of the chat panel, type:
    This should display a list of the user-defined chat channels you’ve joined. Take note of which number has been assigned to the coursera channel.
  5. In the “Say” field of the chat panel, type:
    /[the coursera channel number that was displayed during Step 4] I’d like to join Eagles of Thorondor, please ask an officer to send me a tell.

NOTE: The rules for joining chat channels in-game have recently changed. New users need to log 3 hours of in-game time before they can join certain channels. That will affect the coursera channel. We use this channel as it’s public but low-volume so we can easily monitor it for messages.

You may need to repeat step 5 a few times, possibly at different times of the day, until an officer is online and sees your message.

If you are still having trouble reaching an officer, get through the game intro. Once you are in the main game world, you’ll be able to send and receive in-game emails. Go to a mailbox and create a new message. Type the name of an officer in the ‘to’ field. Tell them when you’re generally online and one of them will contact you to arrange a meet-up in-game.