New member guide

Welcome to the Eagles! We’re very glad you decided to become part of our family.

Here are some things we’d like you to know.

Please read our Ethos and Code of Conduct first.

Kinship house

We often meet up at the kinship house before big events. When you first become a member of the kinship you should see a new icon on your toolbar of an arched doorway. Use this to take you to the kinship house. (60 minute cooldown.)

How to access our kin house chests

We have lots of kin house chests!

We have a large chest in each of the kin houses (the main kinship house at Myrtle Court and the party house at Chalk Road). Then there are a number of other chests made available by various members of the kin. Thank you all! You can see the locations of kinship-accessible chests on this handy map.

We ask that you only take what you need. Please don’t take items from our chests to sell or give away to non-Eagles. Thanks!

Kinship chat channel

Click the balloon icon to the left of ‘Say’ in your chat window and a menu will come up. Click on ‘Kinship’ to get into the kinship chat channel.

To chat with your kinship type /k and your message and this will go out only on the kinship channel.

Our kinship alliance partners

We have established some wonderful alliances with other kinships on Arkenstone. These alliances expand our in-game socializing opportunities, allow us to join in (and fill up) raid and instance groups, and have more fun in the moors (both freep and creep-side). Our alliance partners are:

DWELLERS OF THE OLD FOREST — We often team up with these allies for group runs.

TENACITY FOLK OF MIDDLE EARTH — This group is full of very friendly, knowledgeable players who conduct relaxed, fun-focused ad-hoc runs with us throughout the week.

RANGERS OF THE BLACK WATCH — This group is also full of friendly and knowledgeable players with whom we do runs as well as social events.

Chat channels

If you don’t already know about LotRO user-customized chat channels, you’re in for a treat! In addition to the fixed chat channels (like kinship, fellowship, raid, OOC, and more), LotRO allows users to set up their own, unique chat channels. These can be open to everyone or password-protected. You can find out more about them on the LotRO Wiki.

WORLD CHANNEL — Most chat channels are restricted to players in a specific area (Bree, North Downs, etc) or belonging to a specific group (fellowship, kinship). The World chat channel, however, is open to every player server-wide. You will encounter all sorts of people on this channel as well as hear opinions on the game, politics, and more. You can filter it out completely by right-clicking on the tab, choosing filter, and uncheck it. You can also use the vulgarity filter (it’s on by default).

Our recommended chat channels

To facilitate communication with participants in the Coursera class, as well as our kinship allies, we recommend you use the following chat channels:

COURSERA – a chat channel for students that are enrolled in Professor Clayton’s Coursera class
TEB-TALK – a channel linking Tenacity, Eagles, Rangers and Dwellers

Here are some useful chat-related commands (entered into the “Say” field of the chat panel):

/listchannels [enter] – this command displays the chat channels you’re currently signed into, and indicates which number they’ve been assigned.
/joinchannel name of channel – use this command to join a specific chat channel. Once you join a chat channel, all the chat traffic associated with that channel will start displaying in your chat panel, providing you have filtering set to “on” for that channel number.
/leavechannel name of channel – use this command to leave a specific chat channel.
/chat channel number followed by the space key – use this command to set your chat output to a numbered chat channel. This will allow you to type messages into that chat channel.
/f [space key] – if you are in a fellowship, this command allows you to type in fellowship chat. Only those currently in a fellowship with you will see these messages.
/k [space key]  – this command allows you to type in kinship chat. Any member of your kinship who is currently signed in can see these messages.
/ra [space key]  – this command allows you to type in raid chat. Only those in your raid will see these messages.

NOTE: New users need to log 3 hours of in-game time before they can join certain channels. That will affect the channels we’ve listed above. Once you’ve been playing the game for 3 hours you’ll be able to join the channels as described here.

Out-of-game voice chat

We highly encourage our members to use our Discord server. Discord is a great communication tool for group activities. Since it’s an out-of-game service, you can stay in touch with your fellow group members when LotRO’s fellowship/raid chat is not available. In addition, it isn’t uncommon to find other fellowship/raid groups within LotRO that require the use of a third-party chat service.

Discord connection info is in the kin MOTD. Please ask on the kin channel if you need any help getting set up.

Contacting us out-of-game

If you need to reach an officer out-of-game, you can contact us via the website.