Tips and tricks to get the most out of your LotRO experience


Completely new to playing LotRO? You’re in luck. We’ve prepared a document which thoroughly outlines all you need to know to get started. You can read it here.

Once you’ve joined our kinship, you’ll be able to access the kinship chat channel in-game to talk with your kinnies. To get started click the little word balloon to the left of ‘Say’ in your chat window and a menu will come up. Click on ‘Kinship’ to get into the kinship chat channel. While there are other options that came up that you will eventually find useful, joining kinship chat will be the most useful for you as a new player. Any questions, feel free to let us know in-game (see how-to send a tell in the game FAQ) or contact the officers by email.
At times, you’ll need to form a group to complete a quest or run an instance. Not only will you benefit in the number of players available to help battle a mighty foe, but you’ll be able to share the xp points and loot with others rather than competing for it. Fellowships are temporary groups and don’t commit you to anything beyond doing the quest or instance you want to complete.

How do you set up a fellowship? If you are in the kinship panel you can right click on your intended targets name and a little menu will pop up. One of the options will be ‘Fellowship’. If you place your mouse pointer on that word, a small menu will show up with the word ‘Invite’. Click on invite and it will invite that individul to join you in a fellowship. You can also do this by clicking any players name in the chat box or, alternatively, you can type ‘/invite (player’s name)’ directly into the chat box.

Once you’ve joined the Eagles of Thorondor a new button will appear on your skill panel that looks like the door to a house. Clicking this will take you to the EoT kinship house, which has the kinship vault in it. Visit as often as you like. Beware, however, that there is a cooldown before you can use this skill again. (60 minutes, unless you upgrade your skill through the LotRO store.)
There’s a whole host of LUA plugins available to gamers. These can enhance the maps, show you which daily tasks you can do at your level, change the look and feel of the interface, add combat aids – anything you can imagine. A good place to start researching is lotrointerface.com and Google is your friend for everything else. After a change in the way developers are allowed to access the API (mostly by shutting it down) some plugins no longer work. Check before you install. Final tip: don’t install too many plugins at once or you’ll find your game client crashes frequently.
There are lots of great websites out there where you’ll find help.

This is your first stop for all things LotRO. A mine of information. Generally there are no walkthroughs or spoilers, but tons of information about the game.

This site often has walkthroughs and tips for completing tricky quests. It’s not comprehensive. If you don’t find it here, then try the LotRO forums.

Stuck on a quest? Search the forums to see if someone else has found a solution.

Cosmetics fan? You’ll find glorious outfits here.

Store freebies, downtime, customer support all available through Turbine’s LotRO Twitter account.

If you’re a FB user, you can follow Turbine’s LotRO team there.

You might find this combat log analyser useful in challenging instances to work out the best tactics for that scenario.

If you’re looking for our Kinship FAQ, you’ll find it on the About page.