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We are the recommended kinship on the Arkenstone (formerly Meneldor) server for the second session of Professor Jay Clayton’s Coursera course Online Games: Literature, New Media and Narrative.

The kinship was originally set up by a Coursera student in the first session of this course. Many non-Coursera students have joined since and we’ve evolved into a supportive kinship for players of all interests and abilities.

We’re honoured to have been chosen by Professor Clayton as the recommended kinship on the Arkenstone server. Individual members of the Eagles can act as in-game mentors and help out on the forums for the course. Please contact one of the Officers to arrange a schedule of events to support and supplement students as you progress through the course.

We’ve created a number of documents which we hope new players will find useful. On this website our New Member Guide and LotRO FAQ tell you about the kinship, new player practicalities and how to get the most from your time in Middle Earth.

If you’ve joined the Coursera course and want the support of our kinship you can contact us or join the kin.