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      Hello fellow Eagles,

      Another round of the Online Games Coursera class will begin on Monday, April 27! For those of you unfamiliar with my Coursera reference, read our About Us ( and the course description at The class runs through June 6th.

      What does this mean?

      We will see an influx of new players from now until approximately the second week of class (circa May 11th). Some of our new members will already be familiar with LoTRO. Some of them will never have played an MMO before! So, let’s welcome these new members and, when we can, be helpful to them.

      This also means that you’ll notice many of the kinship events in May and the beginning of June will be focused on lower level activities that match the courses assignments. That doesn’t mean our allies will not still offer level 75-100 activities in which we can participate, but do expect that for those two months the officers in the Eagles will mainly be focused on being in-game mentors and Community Teacher Assistants for this course. However, this does not mean that we are not available to each and every one of you should you need our assistance or wish to discuss an issue or idea with us. We just ask that you be a little patient and flexible with us, especially for the first two or three weeks of the course.

      Thank you for your patience, understanding, and any assistance you give to the newcomers and the Eagles Council during this time.



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