Reply To: Campaign starts today!


Hello Eagles,

I am running for the position of leader. I’ve held two or three terms as leader in the past…I actually can’t remember. In other words, I’m very professional and have an iron clad memory, which is why I should get the job.

One of the things that I love most about the Eagles is its diversity – we come from all over the world, we speak numerous languages, we range in age from 16 to the 70s, and we have different in-game priorities. I hope we can continue that tradition. So, what is my hope for the future of the Eagles? My first order of business will be to organize a survey to see how you think we’re doing and to see what you’d like to see change or added to the kinship.

Other things I’d like to do, if the Council agrees: begin recruitment anew; plan at least one social event a month as well as at least one pre-organized run a week; enforce kinship and alliance rules; and, revitalize the alliance. I also personally resolve to talk less (in other words, more) about Star Trek in kinship chat.

At the root core the Eagles is a social kinship, so I’d also like to ask each of you to consider participating in kinship chat a bit more, even if it’s just to say hello when you log in and goodbye when you log out. Since the Eagles also believe strongly in allowing players to play as they wish and what feels comfortable to them, this is just a request and nothing more.

Thank you to anyone who votes for me.