Reply To: Campaign starts today!


Hi Eagles,
I’m running for office of In game officer. I’ve been with the Eagles since 2013. I’ve been a temporary officer before when the coursera class was being held and really enjoyed helping out. Some of the skills I would bring to the office would be that I’m very detail oriented which would help with keeping up with and updating the events calendar and I’m a writer in real life so I think that would help with the website side of the kinship.

I love the diversity of our kinship and the way it is ran and would like to see that continue. The way the kinship is set up makes it fun for everyone who is involved and I wouldn’t change a thing about it. I’ve enjoyed meeting and becoming friends with players from around the world.

Things I would like to see develop is our alliance and growing the kinship but not to the point where it might get too big. The things I would like to support more of is leveling and deeding. Leveling and deeding are two of the things I enjoy doing when in game.