Reply To: Campaign starts today!


Hello lovely kinnies!

I’m running for Council Officer again. As you may or may not know depending on how long you’ve been an Eagle, I’ve been on the Council for the past 2 terms and I have really enjoyed working with and for our kinnies to make the Eagles a place for everyone.

Along those lines, my priorities are to continue to make the Eagles a wonderful kinship that we can all enjoy and be proud of. Several folks have mentioned working on the website to better organize our knowledge-sharing documents. I’m absolutely on board there! (I could certainly use those docs!) I would also like to get more events going on a regular basis and work on our relationship with our allies. Most importantly, though, I want to make sure we’re supporting our kinnies where they are, rather than pushing them to play a specific way. Whether that means doing practice runs on big raids or giving advice and potions to lower-level toons, we as a kinship (and, specifically, as officers of the kinship) should provide what assistance we can to each other. We’re not just a random group of people playing the same game–we can be a mutually beneficial community of friends and allies. “Help others. Be kind. We’re a team!” :)

As far as our democratic system, I think it’s a great way to organize the kinship. Can it sometimes make things difficult? Sure. But it’s the best way to ensure that all kinnies can have a voice and get involved to the extent that they desire, which is kind of what I’m all about.

Have a wonderful day and please let me know if you have any other questions.