Reply To: Campaign starts today!


My fellow Eagles,

If I’m elected as supreme leader for life, I promise free cosmetic pets and kinship sized houses for everyone!*

In the event I’m merely elected as Council officer, I intend to do the following:

  • Organise a social events committee to create more social events: parties,
    story telling, historic walks. The committee’s guiding inspiration will be the wonderful events organised by our Neems. These will primarily be for the
    benefit of our kinnies, but I will also extend invites to our allies so we can further strengthen our ties.
  • Aid the council in improving our recruitment process; I believe in quality over quantity.

I’ve held a council officer role before, and I can safely say that no one has died on my watch. Well okay, no one in the same raid group as me.

Joking aside, I think you’ll find you’ll be in very safe hands with our nominees.

Boring bits: ST+5 (Eurotrash) and the techie who keeps the website and vent
server alive.



* Please don’t elect me as supreme leader for life. It’ll end badly.