Reply To: Campaign starts today!


Hi Nida, thank you for the questions. I like the idea of growing the kinship by having smaller ones join a larger one. I have to agree with Gui in the respect of strengthing our alliance first and doing more things with them. I don’t play creepside so I don’t see myself forming any events on it.

I plan to help organize more events for our euro kin members. Like Gui said though on this is it’s hard to get players to participate because of their playing style. I can speak for my own taste is that I tend to like to play solo because I like to challenge myself on the quests/instances but I do like participating in a group as well because I like helping others out. As for helping lower level members I don’t mind doing that because I have 6 toons which 4 are in the kinship and 2 to be added that range in level and skills. My focus for my toons is leveling and deeding at the moment. :)

To the question of enforcing the rules. We have a great set of code of conduct rules. As long as everyone follows them the kinship will be a great thing to be part. :)