Reply To: 2017 Jan Elections! Step 3: Campaign Season is Here!

Fellow Eagles,

Who am I?

I go by many names, but most people call me Nachos. I’m a third year college student working 2 jobs and doing all sorts of other crazy stuff, allowing little time for games let alone Lotro! And when I do get time for lotro, I’m often raiding in another kin, or doing ridiculous things with brazilians, or ANYTHING besides stuff with the eagles…

So, why am I running for officer?

Well, some poor soul decided to nominate me for officer. So I considered it my duty to disappoint.

So while I have been more or less detached from the kin for some time, I’ve been meaning to come back and help out my beloved kinmates for some time now. And this nomination provides the perfect opportunity to do so!

Because I severely lack spare time to log on, I will be doing my best to help the kin out offline as well! And this will start with a series of guides that I will be writing up on these very forums.

These guides will be focused primarily on gearing up a character for endgame. This is a daunting task, so the guides will be covering lots of topics and several will probably overlap.

I am however aware that a significant portion of my kinmates are not at level cap, and as such may be considered utterly useless to them. For that reason, I will be releasing a guide that contains information on steps for character progression that can be done while you are levelling, to help make kinnies aware of things they can do to be efficient with their character progression and avoid backtracking through areas (which is a major pet peeve of mine), saving valuable time!

As far as in game interactions is concerned, I can also provide advice on most areas of the game (as long as it has nothing to do with cosmetics!) and am happy to do so. Also, I am very excited to help kinnies accumulate gear, so if you want to run an instance to get gear, contact me in game by sending me a tell or some mail, and we can hopefully run something on the spot or schedule some shenanigans. Bottom line is, if there is anything I can do to help, contact me!

Here’s how you can reach me:
Insanenachos – burglar – this toon is my main and is not currently in the eagles, but add him to friends so you can know when I’m using him to reach me more quickly.
Grusha – warden – used about as frequently as my burg, this character is in the eagles and is ready to tank for you!
Saudando – beorning – this baby bear is in my brazilian kinship, because I am leveling him to level cap, I may end up spending considerable time on him. If you are wondering if I’m online, add him to friends – even I get tired of level cap from time to time!

Looking forward to seeing you all ingame,


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