Reply To: 2017 Jan Elections! Step 3: Campaign Season is Here!


Dear kinnies

I too have been in the Eagles since 2013 when I was participating in an online Lotr course that sparked my interest. The most exciting, and daunting aspect, was that we had to play LOTRO. Only ever having played Marios Bros on a Nintendo as a kid, you can imagine this was all foreign to me. However, on my first run from Thorin’s Hall to the Prancing Pony, I got lost and our founder, Ivrig, came all the way from Bree to find me and lead me to the Eagles and the rest, as they say, is history.

Once the course ended, I joined the Eagles Officers Club and remained there for, I think, two years making me the longest serving Eagle officer (at the time). In the early days I planned the coursera events and organised many of the social kin events, which gave me the title: Neem Neem Party Queen! Lol. I have also shared leadership with Mirv and Aglar.

In addition, I have been very involved with the online course, post my certificate, because it was the place where my love for the game and the community really kicked in and I wanted to give back and help support others like me. For the coursera course I have been an in-game mentor and an online TA for two rounds and loved it.

As the longest serving officer and what with RL issues, I decided to take a break from in-game responsibility and get back into enjoying the game! Many of you know that I have a slight addiction to the Moors and love to fellow up with kinnies and tebbers. However, with a wee nomination, I’m grateful for another opportunity to be officer.

While my timezone works against most Eagles LOTRO time, I’m happy to get myself involved in events. I would be happy to help out anyone interested in Moors/Mini information and to run some stuff. I’ve also gained a bit of a name for myself in terms of cosmetic outfits and turned into a personal shopper for friends….I’m not saying I’m great, but I do love the research.

If you want to know anything else, you know where to find me ;)