Reply To: 2017 Jan Elections! Step 3: Campaign Season is Here!


Hello Eagles.
Most know me as Quil or Erbie, I have six level 105 toons in the Egales.
I have played mmorpg’s since they first came out, and it is my preferred form of entertainment.Altho I live in the US I usually play late night through early morning,but can be on-line at any time.
I’m not sure what I can offer as an officer that I don’t do now,except be able to enlist new members,Quite a bit of my online time there aren’t any officers on,and there are times i’m the only Eagle on-line.
One thing I would work toward is perhaps trying to get more Eagles involved in end game features. I feel that is one area we are sorely lacking in imho. We have several people with multiple char’s that have moved some of them to other kins to be able to do the end game things.And it is something I have thought about doing,as I’ve pretty much hit a dead end as to char advancement.
Officer or not, any time i’m not in a fellow doing an instance and some one needs help with anything feel free to let me know regardless of level.I consider every one in this kin a friend whether level 10 or 105. A better group of people I have not had the privilege of playing with.

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