Reply To: 2017 Jan Elections! Step 3: Campaign Season is Here!


1. I’m going to be controversial here. I’d like to lower the cursing threshold. We have a ‘no swearing in kin chat’ rule. But there’s also a profanity filter you can enable in your options. I think we should be a little more relaxed about what people can say so we don’t end up all piling onto someone for a minor swear word. (This in no way means we should lower our standards regarding the use of hate speech in kinship chat. That’s still not allowed no way never.)

2. I’d probably go for the Saed & Luri standard trio: Trouble in Tuckborough, Storm on Methedras, Thievery and Mischief. Just challenging enough, scale up to full raid, good for no-stress runs. You can try out new skills, practise FMs, swap to the trait tree you mostly don’t use, etc. and I like that. No pressure, good practice opportunities, and you get a bunch of marks at the end.

3. Oh, massive guilt trip. I was supposed to help with this and it’s complicated and time-consuming and I always forget. Maybe we should think of an easier way to manage it? Maybe we should share the workload? Everyone takes it in turns to do a bit of a tidy, or we implement an ‘if you take something, sort something’ rule.