Reply To: 2017 Jan Elections! Step 3: Campaign Season is Here!


Hello! I’m Larksong (also Maidofbree and others). I live in Australia. I joined the Eagles last year, after moving from Nimrodel. I have been playing LOTRO since one month after it started. For four years I was part of a very active Australian kin, but as tends to happen, people drifted away from the game, and slowly our kin became quieter and quieter. Although it was sad to leave my old kin, I’ve been very happy to find a nice community of players in the Eagles. As a player, I love doing quests and deeds. I like to level up slowly and enjoy the content and lore. I am still waiting for a surprise “The Obsessive Compulsive” title to pop up one day as I finish every deed there is to do. I do enjoy group content, but the time zone differences make it a challenge to attend many kin events and raids.

I’m running for election because I think that it would be good to have at least one officer who is on for the Asia-Australia-New Zealand time zones. I think I am a generally friendly and helpful player. I enjoy helping out new players. I’m willing to try to run some group content for those of us who are on at that time. I’m quite familiar with all the low level instances, and am working on the end-game stuff. However, I do have a very busy out of game life, and there are some weeks when I find it hard to get on LOTRO.

In answer to Aglarwen’s questions:

1. If you had to choose one organizational/administrative thing about the kinship to change or eliminate, which would you choose?
I’d like to have more officers on at odd time zones (doesn’t have to be me), and also when events are posted, if the time/date could be in some format that is easy to convert for those in different time zones.

2. Quick! You have to plan an event for the this weekend.
Chicken Runs! or the Moria Instances to get lots of deeds done and work on people’s virtues.

3. Which of you wants to take over the kinchest system?
Honestly depends on how much time it takes, but happy to help out. Probably couldn’t do it on my own.