Reply To: 2017 June Election Step 3: Campaigning


Good Day Eagles;
I’d like to elect myself for OFFICER.. I’ve been playing LOTRO for about 7 years in total… I played for 2 years than stopped… Started playing again about 5 years ago.. A little background on myself.. I used to be an OFFICER with BoL (Bringers if Light).. And I’ve found that I miss the pleasure of being a help to someone… My wife and I just celebrated 5 years of marriage in April.. We just bought our first home in May of this year.. I work from home doing IT work, so I can be online alot… I’d like to get RAIDS going in our KIN for LOWBIES.. I hope you’ll consider me for a position of OFFICER.. TY =]
(Zareb, Zoreb, Rafah, Timmi, Wartime, Macthol, Adranis)
Z (This is what everyone used to call me)…