Reply To: 2017 June Election Step 3: Campaigning


Hail Eagles and well met!

I’m Saed and I’m standing for officer.

I’ve been an officer in the Eagles for most of the past 4 years. I run this here website and forum and I’ve helped shape the guidelines, code of conduct and ethos of the Eagles. I think I know the kinship pretty well.

Over the past couple of years it’s become clear that we have fewer active players these days. My main concern is to increase the number of players online at any one time. I think there are two ways to achieve this:
– recruit more players
– have events which people will want to join in

We’ve tried both of those things in the past year (or longer) and we’ve not been all that successful. People don’t turn up to events that are scheduled and in the calendar. And given that this is a fairly old game, there are not that many new players for us to recruit.

I don’t have an easy answer, but I think we should be trying to tackle the deficit of active players in order to keep the kinship lively and healthy. We should continue our LFF events (like mine and Luri’s Trawling the Trollshaws) and continue to run both scheduled and ad hoc events.

To answer Aglar’s questions:

1. I think I’ve covered that one!
2. I like our CoC. I think we should soften our stance on swearing, as there’s a profanity filter available to anyone who might be offended, but that’s a minor thing.
3. I’ve been enjoying “guided” raids. We’ve done a lot of featured instances with someone who knows the instance really well and can help the rest of us learn where to stand, what to do, what not to do, etc. More of this please!
4. An immaculate website ;)