Reply To: 2017 June Election Step 3: Campaigning


To answer Mirv’s question:
I think we should step up our LFF events. These were advertised on the Regional channel. I think we need more people doing them, in different areas of Middle Earth. Luri and I will plan to do a few at different levels.

The Eagles, once upon a time, grew organically by having solo players join us on a tricky quest. I’d like to encourage that by having groups of Eagles playing together where the quests are tough to do on your own.

To respond to Z’s suggestion of putting events out on World: the Eagles have always avoided the World channel. We’ve consistently voted against advertising the kinship on World, and I think we’d need to have some guidelines before using World to invite other players to our events. I wouldn’t want our own members to feel uncomfortable should an event have more strangers than Eagles, for instance, and I certainly wouldn’t want to hear of trash talk in the World channel. I’m not saying I’m against it on principle, though, I’m saying it needs thinking through, that’s all.