Reply To: Inauguration and EagleStock! This Saturday 10AM ST!


We had a lot of fun, with Ala, Breg, Tin, Pops, Shus, Saed and myself in attendance!

The inauguration went well, I inaugurated Pops and Saed. Thankfully no one was maimed in the process. After thanking outgoing and incoming officers, we started our EagleStock!

Our first event was a madlib with a LoTR theme, here’s a copy how that went…

[Kinship] Ferniuk: Our first event is a word game
[Kinship] Ferniuk: I have taken an excerpt from the Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Ring
[Kinship] Ferniuk: and we will replace some of the words.
[Kinship] Ferniuk: Our passage is called “Friends in Good Times and Bad”
[Kinship] Ferniuk: THis is a little silly, but since we’re not in a fellowship, can we all stand in a line
[Kinship] Ferniuk: so that I can ask everyone equally?
[Kinship] Ferniuk: Thanks :-)
[To Kinship] yes
[Kinship] Ferniuk: Saed, may I have a common noun
[Kinship] Saedhillian: dog
[Kinship] Ferniuk: Luri, a Verb please
[To Kinship] singing
[Kinship] Ferniuk: Tin, a Verb please
[Kinship] Tindalel: pouncing
[Kinship] Ferniuk: Shus, an adverb please
[Kinship] Shustir: quickly
[Kinship] Ferniuk: Pops, an adjective
[Kinship] Snoto: pretty
[Kinship] Ferniuk: alaron, another adjective
[Kinship] Alarondir: scintillating
[To Kinship] *claps*
[Kinship] Ferniuk: Alaron, a common nown
[Kinship] Saedhillian: you prepared in advance didin’t you?
[Kinship] Alarondir: nope. :)
[Kinship] Alarondir: stagecoach
[Kinship] Ferniuk: Pops, an exclamation, please
[Kinship] Snoto: oh crud!
[To Kinship] lol
[Kinship] Snoto: lol
[Kinship] Ferniuk: Shus, a common noun please
[Kinship] Shustir: puppy
[Kinship] Ferniuk: Tin, an exclamation, please
[Kinship] Tindalel: Leaping purple trees!
[Kinship] Ferniuk: Luri, a common noun, plural
[To Kinship] trolls
[Kinship] Ferniuk: Saed, a verb please
[Kinship] Saedhillian: eat
[Kinship] Ferniuk: and an adverb
[Kinship] Saedhillian: loudly
[Kinship] Ferniuk: Luri, also an adverb
[To Kinship] quickly
[Kinship] Ferniuk: Tin, verb
[Kinship] Tindalel: rocking
[Kinship] Ferniuk: Shus, common noun pl
[Kinship] Shustir: elephant
[Kinship] Ferniuk: Pops, a verb
[Kinship] Snoto: walk
[Kinship] Ferniuk: Alaron, a verb
[Kinship] Alarondir: scampering
[Kinship] Ferniuk: and a noun
[Kinship] Alarondir: porcupine
[Kinship] Ferniuk: Pops, a common noun
[Kinship] Snoto: she
[Kinship] Ferniuk: and Shus an adjective
[Kinship] Shustir: beautiful
[Kinship] Ferniuk: ok, this will be good!
[To Kinship] heh
[Kinship] Ferniuk: Friends in Good Times and Bad
[Kinship] Tindalel: Uh oh…
[Kinship] Ferniuk: “Well!” said Frodo at last, sitting up and straightening his dog, as if he had made a decision. “I have got something to sing to you all. But I don’t know quite how to begin.”
[Kinship] Ferniuk: I think I could pounce on you, said Merry quietly, “by telling you some of it myself”.“What do you mean?” said Frodo, looking at him quickly.
[Kinship] Ferniuk: “just this, my dear pretty Frodo: you are scintillating, because you don’t know how to say good-bye. You meant to leave the Shire, of course.
[Kinship] Ferniuk: But the stagecoach has come on you sooner than you expected, and now you are making up your mind to go at once. And you don’t want to. We are very sorry for you.”
[To Kinship] lol
[Kinship] Ferniuk: “Oh, Crud!” said Frodo. “I thought I had been both careful and clever. I don’t know what Gandalf would say. Is all the Shire discussing my puppy then?”
[To Kinship] hehehe
[Kinship] Ferniuk: “Leaping purple trees!” said Merry. “Don’t worry about that! The secret won’t keep for long, of course; but at present it is, I think, only known to us trolls.
[Kinship] Ferniuk: To tell you the truth, I had been eating you rather closely ever since Bilbo left. I thought you would go after him sooner or later; indeed I expected you to go sooner, and lately we have been loudly anxious.
[Kinship] Ferniuk: We have been terrified that you might give us the slip, and go off quickly, all on your own like he did. Ever since this spring we have kept our eyes open, and done a good deal of rocking on our own account. You are not going to escape so easily!”
[Kinship] Ferniuk: “But I must go” said Frodo. “It cannot be helped, dear elephants, It is wretched for us all, but it is no use your walking to keep me. Since you have guessed so much, please help me and do not hinder me!”
[Kinship] Ferniuk: “You do not understand!” said Pippin. “You must go – and therefore we must, too. Merry and I are scampering with you.
[Kinship] Ferniuk: Sam is an excellent fellow, and would jump down a dragon’s porcupine to save you, if he did not trip over his own girl; but you will need more than one companion in your beautiful adventure.”And so they did.
[Kinship] Ferniuk: The end

I think you’ll agree this was an excellent take on the night before Frodo’s epic adventure!

I took some happy snaps too!