Reply To: Current Council AMA


I became a council member around the same time as Saed. When we first started we didn’t know what roles needed to be filled, so since I enjoyed reporting on events I thought I would offer my services as our official events reporter.

I’m also our resident system admin who makes sure the server that hosts this website is fed and watered, and free of bugs.

Besides these jobs, my other duties are to participate in the discussion regarding big event planning (like the Coursera module) or recruitment strategy. Occasionally we’ll have to reach a consensus which usually involves a vote.

In addition to this you know we already socialise, recruit people in the kinship and generally try to be helpful to all of you when we’re online.

One of my proudest moments since being in the kinship was to help participate in the official events and forum threads for the 2nd intake from Professor Jay’s Coursera Online Games: Literature, New Media and Narrative. It’s been a real honour and pleasure to watch those of you who joined and have stayed and grown in to valuable Kinship members.

To our future leaders and officers, you have my rusty dagger. /kneel