Reply To: Current Council AMA


I believe I joined the council when everyone else did, following the Coursera course that got me hooked on Middle Earth! My decision to join the Eagles council was an easy one, which was mainly due to the supportive nature of the kinship but also because of the friendships I had built.

Now, I’m not the most techie person on the council, and please do not be put off applying if you think this is you, but I found other tasks that I was able to do in order to contribute to the kinship. When we first created the council, one of my roles was to produce an Eagles roster-who we had in the kin, their level, class, alts, when they joined and so on. Another activity I have been involved with is the organisation of Eaglestock and other events. Saed kindly gave me the title “Neem, Neem, Party Queen” and so I got busy with thinking of fun activities to do for kinship events. I typically begin by researching games and activities online, and then see whether these can be translated into the world of Middle Earth. Usually I will compile a list of events, with an Eagles, ME or festival twist, and then send them to Gui and the council members to check over and comment on- it helps to get feedback on proposed events. Some of my “in-game” time is taken up with testing out the proposed games, to see if they would work, and to check out the logistics of things….having a plan B is always important.I also like to run some additional events, mostly ad-hoc instances, raids and skirms, rep runs and mats grinding depending on who’s on and what players need. In addition, there has been much collaboration with others, council and non-council, of current and possible future events, which is all very exciting!

In terms of the Coursera online course (Saed makes reference to this above), this was also one of my proudest moments. During the second intake, I was not only organising kinship events and coursera events linked to assignments, but I was also given the opportunity to support players as an in-game mentor and a Community TA on the forums. This was a busy time but a fun one!

To anyone considering applying, please do. My journey has been such an exciting one and it has been so rewarding, and whether you’re old or young, techie or not, a seasoned player or fairly new to the game, you have something to offer the Eagles.

You have Neemriel’s heals and her ear!