Reply To: New LI system – forthcoming


I am thinking of doing the same, Mirveth. One of my legendaries will be imbued at the moment of perfection, while the other might be brought up more slowly. For me, this is going to be a matter of how many skirmish marks I have to keep things moving along. Also, with the new epic line giving us so many anfalas crystals, scrolls of empowerment, of delving, and the crystals of remembrance, I think we all have a fair shot at making some excellent items. I noted above that there is one crystal of remembrance awarded in epic at the start. Yesterday, I got a second one in Osgiliath. Can those be used after imbuement, also?

Also, as an addendum to the above post, I am not sure about this but … I think I saw that all points on the legendary should be spent up before imbuing. I am not sure of the difference it would make, but it wouldn’t hurt to go ahead and spend everything into legacies before imbuing.