Reply To: New LI system – forthcoming


I keep a supply of all the desirable legacies in my vault, which I find easy because I level a lot of legendaries constantly. I have a system for farming level 5 to 7’s, as many as 10 in a single break-down. I keep that rolling all the time so I can reach tier 10’s much faster than the “break at 31 rule”, which I don’t think anyone should be doing anymore. With that running, I nab the good legendaries and bank them.

One thing about this new system: it made me sit down and re-think my old preferences for legendaries. I experimented with Raise the Spirit, which I used to not like, but found that with my current crit rate (due to all this jewelry and essence gear we have), the crits happen very frequently with a satisfying rate of heal. I kept that on my forever legendary.