Reply To: Meneldor is closing


I saw that the transfer wizard is now available on the login screen. I also got a message in my mail on how to move a character and a gift. Looks like it is rolling out quite fast.

The message says that improvements to the system means that more people will be able to play on each server. This consolidation is not supposed to effect play.

Sometimes when I am looking for quest items and other players are in the same area it is a little frustrating, specially as I am not the fastest off the blocks. Do you think this will happen more on a more crowded server? I don’t see how it can not. I hope that it wont have too big an effect. Just thinking of twice the number of people running through the haunted burrow …….

Of course we will need to suck it and see. I am a trifle concerned though. I will follow the Eagles with all my characters wherever they go.