Reply To: New Year – New Server Alliance Event!


The Alliance has reason to celebrate! Despite the closing of Meneldor, all alliance kinships and most alliance members have stayed together. Let’s ring off the New Year in our new home – Arkenstone – together on Saturday, January 9th. This will be a great opportunity for alliance members (and their friends) to get to know each other better (if not meet for the first time) while having fun and accomplishing deeds and quests.

Schedule for 1/9:
1pm: Freeze Tag at the Festival Grounds in Bree (26.2S, 49.7W)
2:30pm: Alliance March through Bree (starts outside West Gate) – no speed buffs, please
3pm: New Year’s Concert with the Frequency Modulators (on Bree stage)
6pm+: 6-man BBs/Thorog runs/Skraids – self-organized through TEB-TALK – some runs may require hearing capability

Let’s use the enthusiasm for the new year to increase the activity and connections between alliance kinships. Feel free to invite non-alliance friends as well! I hope to see you there.