Reply To: Campaign June 2016 – What do the candidates stand for?!


Hello everyone:)
I am Shustir (alts- Shuswen, Shusuilos, Shustadoc, Shuswyn) and I am applying for the post of an in-game officer. To give you an idea about me- I have been with the Eagles since the start of the kinship. I play at a timezone of ST+8 hours. I am a fairly regular player, playing both on weekdays and weekends. I like to help my kin mates in whatever way I can, both with game content and any crafting as they may need.
I have always been very happy in the Eagles and I want to contribute more to my kin by taking the responsibilities that come with an in-game officer’s position. I have served in the capacity of temporary officer earlier, during the previous Coursera courses. I know how much background work our leaders and officers do to keep the kin running so smoothly.
One of the best things about our social and friendly kinship is that everyone can enjoy the game as they like. There is no pressure on anyone to do anything that may not be to their liking or play-style. If I am elected, I will strive to maintain this low pressure, friendly atmosphere in the kin. I will also organize/help organize more kin events, especially instances, big battles, raids etc. I have alts of different levels who can help in these events. Because of the difference in my timezone, I can be in-game for kinnies from other parts of the world who do not play at the server timezone.
Please ask me anything that you would like to know, both in the forum or in-game:)
Thank you