Campaign June 2016 – What do the candidates stand for?!

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      Let everyone know your platform.


      Feel free to ask candidates questions!


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      Hi Kinnies, Nim here. I’m running for council officer. Here’s a little about me. I have been been with the kin for several years and have been a temporary officer and an officer. I also have several alts in the kinship and can switch to those if needed on lower level events.

      Here are some of the things I want to work on if I’m elected to the council:

      1. More social events because you can never have too many :)
      2. Organizing more fellowships/raids for us to participate in.
      3. I can help behind the scenes with various things like keeping documents updated, etc.

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        Nim, thank you for posting this! Good luck in the election!


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      Hi all :]

      Welcome to my meandering speech for the position for in-game officer. Apologies for going on a bit. Please feel free to wrestle the microphone off me / use the dreaded hook to pull me off stage at any time.

      About me – I live in the UK, so I am on ST+5, but I’m originally from New Zealand, where hobbits grow like wildflowers and sheep roam the city streets. I’ve been with the Eagles since last year’s Coursera intake, though had a fairly substantial break in the middle when life happened and I moved from depressing Slough to sunny Essex by the sea! Rest assured I now have no life! So plenty of time to be online. ;]

      I beta tested Lotro way back in the days of old and then created a trial account sometime in 2008. I flaunt my Of the Seven Stars title like I deserve it but I really don’t, because I have only ever played properly in the past year. I could never commit before because of my then-boyfriend, King Varian Wrynn of Stormwind. Yes, I’m afraid I am an Azeroth refugee. Please don’t hold it against me.

      In all seriousness though, I played WoW for a good 7 or 8 years, and I was a guild leader for a small, casual guild for most of that time. I even got paid a little bit to blog about it for a while – I had a weekly column on the now defunct site omgRPG! and then on as part of an official writers group called ‘Quest!’.

      Though I’m not even close to level 105 in Lotro yet, my time playing and writing about WoW gives me a lot of transferable experience. My play style is quite slow because I like to be social while I play, and thus I’m very keen to run events where we can all get together and have fun. I would like to bring some fresh ideas to the table and try out some new games with you all. I already have a few things in mind – totally open to suggestions as well.

      I’d like to see the frequency of social events increase, as having fun together can only strengthen our bonds as a kin overall, across all levels. Due to my timezone I would be looking to run things between 3pm and 6pm ST on weeknights or after 10am ST on the weekends.

      I’d also like to add that I’m a web designer professionally and as such if any extra assistance is needed with the Eagles site, whether its support for kinnies in terms of finding info/access or working on the site itself, I am available and more than happy to assist. That might be less of an in-game role but honestly, my brain is here if it’s needed.

      As a final note I would say that I believe a huge part of the officer role is just being available, and not always to run things or help out with in-game challenges but also just to talk sometimes. I love to make friends, and I’m more than happy to chat with anyone who feels like it – I’d like to get to know all of you better. In my mind, Officers should be a reliable source of help, fellowship, and confidence for their kinmates and I would love the opportunity to be this for the Eagles. :]

      Well done if you’ve managed to get this far without wandering off (it seems I’m allergic to brevity), and thank you for giving me your time to read my first attempt at winning you over. Please feel free to ask me questions or feedback either here or in-game, I am more than happy to answer. :]

      – Kali

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        Thanks for posting this, Kali. I read it all (I’m not one of those TLDR folks) and enjoyed it immensely. Good luck in the election.

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      Hello everyone:)
      I am Shustir (alts- Shuswen, Shusuilos, Shustadoc, Shuswyn) and I am applying for the post of an in-game officer. To give you an idea about me- I have been with the Eagles since the start of the kinship. I play at a timezone of ST+8 hours. I am a fairly regular player, playing both on weekdays and weekends. I like to help my kin mates in whatever way I can, both with game content and any crafting as they may need.
      I have always been very happy in the Eagles and I want to contribute more to my kin by taking the responsibilities that come with an in-game officer’s position. I have served in the capacity of temporary officer earlier, during the previous Coursera courses. I know how much background work our leaders and officers do to keep the kin running so smoothly.
      One of the best things about our social and friendly kinship is that everyone can enjoy the game as they like. There is no pressure on anyone to do anything that may not be to their liking or play-style. If I am elected, I will strive to maintain this low pressure, friendly atmosphere in the kin. I will also organize/help organize more kin events, especially instances, big battles, raids etc. I have alts of different levels who can help in these events. Because of the difference in my timezone, I can be in-game for kinnies from other parts of the world who do not play at the server timezone.
      Please ask me anything that you would like to know, both in the forum or in-game:)
      Thank you

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        Thanks for posting this, Shus! Good luck in the election!


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      Hi, everyone. Ilia here, and I am running for the post of in-game officer. I have been playing since the 2014 Coursera course. I signed up for the course because I love The Lord of the Rings books and movies. Before that, I had never played an online game, and this is still my only game.
      When I started playing as required by the Coursera course, I didn’t enjoy myself until I joined the kin. At that point, I got so much patient help with stupid questions that I began to love the game! Now I like to help newer players like so many people helped me. Compared to some players, I am a little technology-challenged, but I think that makes me a good mentor for those that can’t go quite as fast! We can still have fun. I still have a lot to learn and I seem to learn something in the game every time I play.
      I live in a ST time-zone, but I tend to play in the morning and during the daytime hours on weekdays, so I am around when some other officers are not. I have three toons of various levels, and I am happy to help with groups and answer questions whenever I can. I was a temporary officer during the Coursera course last year and I enjoyed acting in that role.
      If I have a platform, I guess it would be to assist players at all levels and to encourage players to slow down and enjoy the content. To that end, I would like to have social events and lower-level groupings and deed runs so that people understand they do not need to be playing the end-game to love LotRO.
      Let me know if you have questions, and feel free to ask for help anytime in the game!
      Ilianore (hunter), Iliarwyn (RK), Iliandiel (LM)

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        Thanks for posting this, Ilia! Good luck in the election!


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      Hello kinnies, Hagenti here, I am running for in-game officer. I have been with the Eagles since the start of the kinship, during the first Coursera course.

      Right now, I have 7 alts in the kinship, 6 of them are at level cap, and I have been running the featured instances constantly.

      I am focused on running level 105 instances, always trying to improve my stats to be able to run some challenging content. I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to instance mechanics, but I like to learn by doing, and most times I have had success.

      I would also like to run some not-scalable instances (angmar, moria, isengard), to get some deeds done, or just to have fun, since some of those are still challenging.

      Since I am not a native English speaker (I’m a Spanish speaker) you won’t see me leading social events, or chatting a lot in kinchat, but I like to participate in our kin social events, so most times you’ll see me there.

      Let me know if you have some questions.


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        Thanks for posting this, Hagenti. Good luck in the election!

        I want to say that should you ever get a headset and want to try talking with us in Teamspeak, we’d love it. I understand the reservations. I felt like an idiot trying to talk Spanish when I was in Peru, but you’ll find that, like most I met in Peru, people will think your language skills are better than you do, won’t mind a few grammatical errors here and there, and then you get to practice. However, no pressure. Because that’s the Eagles motto!


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      Hi Kinnies!

      As you are probably aware, I’ve been a Council Officer for several sessions now, and I’d like to continue doing that job. :) If I am re-elected, my goals are to continue optimizing our kinchest system, schedule more frequent (but shorter) social events, help with the maintenance of the kinship, and maybe finally figure out this whole raiding thing now that I’m a few years into LOTRO. ;)

      As always, I’m here to answer your questions, provide assistance, and talk about nerdy things.


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        Thanks for posting this, Aglar! Good luck in the election!


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      I guess it’s my turn?

      Well, what do I say? Hmm…much like Kali, I’m a bit of a talker. Unlike Kali, I expect you to read every word of it ;P.

      The majority of our kinspeople know what they’re getting when they vote for me. I’m the only one running for this position in the current election, as is often the case. And, I know there have been times in the past where I didn’t run and no one stepped in. Thankfully, the Eagles has a great system in place so that when I, or a future leader, need a break or having something come up IRL, the Council Officers take on the leadership role as a group and share duties. I’m quite proud of the system that we’ve molded over the last several years – it definitely wasn’t me alone – so many individuals who I’ve never met in real life and some who no longer play this game have contributed to molding the Eagles into what we are.

      Getting myself back on topic…we have many newer members who may in fact NOT know what they’re getting when they vote for Guivien. And, some of you who haven’t been an officer may not also realize how I am behind the scenes or the amount of work that officers and leader put in to making this kinship run efficiently. I feel like this may be a good opportunity for some of you to see a side of me and the officers not been before.

      As leader, I will and am responsible to:

      *Motivate + Moderate discussions on kinship affairs within the Council

      *Monitor officer portfolio and event creation

      *Actively recruit to the Eagles of Thorondor

      *Monitor kinship chat for CoC violations

      *Organize pre-planned and ad-hoc events for kinspeople of all levels

      *Conflict resolution

      *Monitor and maintain the TEB alliance

      This 6 month term in particular, I’m hoping that the need for website changes and major shifts in Eagles policy will be lessened so that the Council can have a bit of a rest. Having said that, I do plan:

      *To request a review of the TEB alliance and see if there is a way we can improve and reinvigorate it. I could really use kinnies help at doing this.

      *To make a special recruiting effort to get more members that can fill the 11pm-10am ST time slot so that our members in certain parts of the world can make more friends.

      *To review the number of pre-planned events being done and by whom so the Council can make sure that we’re having enough variety and at a good frequency to meet the needs of a large and thriving kinship such as our own.

      *Since the Eagles is a kinship that embodies and promotes the “play at your own comfort level and pace”, I’m willing to help coordinate kinmembers in creating their own groups for tasks or events they’d like to see. However, it takes assistance from our fellow kinspeople who can lead, for our members to read my or the Council’s emails and responding to them. I look forward to working with all of you towards the goal of making this kinship !one! of THE most inclusive, diverse, friendly, and helpful kinships on the Arkenstone server.

      *And, lastly, not to parrot so many of our officer candidates, but to schedule more social events to meet the demands and interests of our kinnies. And, well, I personally like these myself ;).



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      Hello Eagles! I go by Sard in-game, from my main Sardrowar. I have played lotro for several years now, and my favorite part of the game is the people in it. I would love to be an officer for the eagles, but either way I will continue doing what I do. Backing you up, making what you need, and hopefully getting you into trouble in some random instance in glorious combat.

      Elect all these people posting above, they look like they would do a great job :)


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        Thanks for posting this, Sard! Good luck in the election!


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      I’m not exactly sure how to start this out, but here goes:

      I haven’t been in the Eagles as long as many others here, but I’ve been around long enough to see people come and go and survived the Serverpocalypse 2016. But now I feel like the time might be right for me to step up and become an officer of the kinship and help contribute as well.

      As an officer, I’d be interested in helping organizing runs for lower levels kinnies, 100 and 105 stuff is fun but we can’t leave the others out. I would also like to help members from the other alliance kins to be more involved in events and runs. I’ll be honest, I have friends in friendly kins and it’s a bit sad that I never get to run with them and I would like to have them be more involved with us!

      It’s one of the things I really liked about the Eagles and the alliance, that there were so many people together in one place and everyone knew each other and I want that to continue.

      Overall, I just want to help contribute to the kinship with what little I can offer.

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        Thanks for posting this, Drac! Good luck in the election!


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      Hamesh (Ame)

      Hello! I’m running for a second term as council officer. I feel like I’m just now getting my feet on the ground and so would like a second term to build on what I’ve learned. I recently took on the job of tracking our recruits, promotions, and new alts. This job is one of those ‘behind the scenes’ tasks that helps keep our kinship operating so I’m glad to be contributing in this way!

      Last term I worked with our webmaster to create a new forum called Eagles Tips and Tricks. Kinnies have posted a lot of very useful information in the forums, but it was hard to find. We’ve been moving and posting links in Tips and Tricks to these gems so we can access them more easily. I’ll be on the lookout for other ways to make improvements in kinship operations – I hope you’ll pass on to me any of your suggestions.

      Besides helping with the operations of the kinship behind the scenes, I enjoy interacting and bantering with kinnies online! I remember the help I’ve received in kin chat and like to pass on help to others in this way.

      I hope you’ll exercise your vote in our kinship democracy, and that you’ll vote for me if what i’ve said sounds good to you!

      Fly high, Eagles!

      ‘Ame’ (Amethysl, Amerrel, Hamesh, Amelduwen, et al)

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        Thanks for posting this, Ame! Good luck in the elections!


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      Best of luck everyone posted above for these elections. The Eagles are great, they are my virtual family, and I respect the democracy, and passion to help one another, of this kinship.


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      What a great selection of people running for office! I love that there are different focuses (foci for those who care) and different ideas represented by the candidates. Thanks for what you offer to the Eagles of Thorondor!

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