Reply To: Campaign June 2016 – What do the candidates stand for?!


Hi, everyone. Ilia here, and I am running for the post of in-game officer. I have been playing since the 2014 Coursera course. I signed up for the course because I love The Lord of the Rings books and movies. Before that, I had never played an online game, and this is still my only game.
When I started playing as required by the Coursera course, I didn’t enjoy myself until I joined the kin. At that point, I got so much patient help with stupid questions that I began to love the game! Now I like to help newer players like so many people helped me. Compared to some players, I am a little technology-challenged, but I think that makes me a good mentor for those that can’t go quite as fast! We can still have fun. I still have a lot to learn and I seem to learn something in the game every time I play.
I live in a ST time-zone, but I tend to play in the morning and during the daytime hours on weekdays, so I am around when some other officers are not. I have three toons of various levels, and I am happy to help with groups and answer questions whenever I can. I was a temporary officer during the Coursera course last year and I enjoyed acting in that role.
If I have a platform, I guess it would be to assist players at all levels and to encourage players to slow down and enjoy the content. To that end, I would like to have social events and lower-level groupings and deed runs so that people understand they do not need to be playing the end-game to love LotRO.
Let me know if you have questions, and feel free to ask for help anytime in the game!
Ilianore (hunter), Iliarwyn (RK), Iliandiel (LM)