Reply To: Elections January 2018: Nominations


Hello, I’d like to run for an officer position. All of you know me. If I get elected, I’ll help to grow the Eagles and organize the occasional event. I can’t be online with the frequency I did when I used to be leader because I received a promotion at my RL job about a year ago, but I’ll still be online about 3-4 days a week.

Warning – Things a Gui will do if she becomes officer:
*Pester you to enthusiastically greet new members
*Chat a lot in kinchat (that’s not new)
*Ask you if you need any help. Daily. (that’s not new)
*Keep the Eagles website event calendar up to date (hot dang)
*Talk about Star Trek (that’s not new)
*Reminisce about the old days (I miss Neem, Ame, and Aglar!)
*Plan all types of events, from challenging to social to festival-related
*Post cat pictures in the forums