Elections January 2018: Nominations

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      You can nominate yourself by replying to this post, announcing what role you’d like to take, and adding a campaign blurb to persuade other kinmembers to vote for you.

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      Hello, I’d like to run for an officer position. All of you know me. If I get elected, I’ll help to grow the Eagles and organize the occasional event. I can’t be online with the frequency I did when I used to be leader because I received a promotion at my RL job about a year ago, but I’ll still be online about 3-4 days a week.

      Warning – Things a Gui will do if she becomes officer:
      *Pester you to enthusiastically greet new members
      *Chat a lot in kinchat (that’s not new)
      *Ask you if you need any help. Daily. (that’s not new)
      *Keep the Eagles website event calendar up to date (hot dang)
      *Talk about Star Trek (that’s not new)
      *Reminisce about the old days (I miss Neem, Ame, and Aglar!)
      *Plan all types of events, from challenging to social to festival-related
      *Post cat pictures in the forums

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      I’d like to re-nominate myself for Officer… So far I’ve been able to conduct my first RT run and participated in other runs… I’ve actively sought out new members (none yet) and I on hours at a time… I am not VIP so there are somethings I can not do, but I’m more than willing to help anyone succeed… This past year was a bit hectic for my wife and I as we just bought our first house… Yet, I was able to find time here and there to come in…

      I’m still interested in lowbie as I think it will benefit… Just this past week I ran into a fellow gamer that has only been playing for a year… I was unable to recruit cause someone else beat us to it… We really should consider more lowbie runs…

      I’m a guy who likes making people laugh… I like having fun for the sake of it… I love talking with my fellow kinnies cause well they’re fun…

      I’m ready and willing to help rebuild the Eagles of Thorondor any which way I can… TY
      William Rivera (Zar)

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      I would like to put my name in to be nominated for officer. I enjoy almost all aspects of Lotro; doing quests and finishing deeds at all levels, festivals, end-game content, skirmishes and big battles, and I also enjoy the Eagles social events. It was the Eagles that taught me how to party in Middle Earth!

      I would like to become a better fellowship leader. To that end, as officer, I would run a variety of events as my confidence and skills increase.

      Bregeniuk (Ferniuk, Eniukka, Dweniuk, and if you see me around Middle Earth, Beleniuk)

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      Hi, folks.

      I’d like to put my name forward for an officer position. I have previously been an officer and council member in the Eagles; during that term, I was regularly running kin events and I’m intending to do so again. My particular interest leans towards the cap-level content, and my goal is to have regular lvl 115 runs of various sorts taking place.

      More generally – I’ve seen some good progress recently on re-kick-starting the kin. There have been more events being organized, some new recruits joining, and some older members returning. The Eagles historically had a special vibe and vibrancy to its community, and I am very keen to work closely with the other officers to support this effort to revitalize it.

      I would also like to put out a call to all Eagles to help with this effort. Your involvement in *any* form will be invaluable in this revitalization, whether it’s greeting people in the channel, answering questions, joining runs, or even organizing events (it’s not that scary, honest!). By working together, I firmly believe that the Eagles can have a bright future.

      //Alaron (Alariabor, Alaruin, Alarron, Alarondir)

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      Pops here…(mostly snoto and astolar etc) i’m currently an officer and will continue to help. For those who don’t know me, i’m not a big chat person (never learned to type)so i’m slow. I don’t use sound cuz i’m almost deaf and I go afk a lot cuz old guys need to (for various reasons).

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      I would like to nominate myself for the Watcher Officer position. I am very active so there would be at least 1 officer online for good chunk of time and I am very open and friendly (unless I’m trying to climb my way out of the lava pits in Mordor). I believe that I could do some good with the ability to recruit and help out the kin in general. Everyone that I have adventured with has helped me out tremendously and I would like to give back in whatever way I can to benefit the kinship.

      Thank you for the consideration,

      Pakyn (Pakynslash, Pakynheat, Pakynpockets)

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      I would like to nominate myself to continue in a Watcher position.I’m not a great leader,but enjoy helping out.
      My play time varies,but usually is late evening to early morning.
      I have played Lotro since beta and have a fair knowledge of the game.
      Thank you.
      Erbie,Estrien,Ertik Erdhil.

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