Reply To: The Eagles take the hobbit to Isengard #1


So Drac, Sans, Maed, Neri, Fire and I did a recon mission this morning looking for different paths to Isengard.

This time round we didn’t go High Moors but went by water down the Bruinen….frogs, bogs and worms but seemed safer.

Enedwaith gave us multiple issues including killer cows!!!! It was NUTS!! But once on the road it was a little better.

The Lich bluff/bonevale area was a wight mine area. Killer wight archers on mountaintop.

Neridos suggested Mournshaws rather than Lich bluffs perhaps. Didn’t try Mournshaws so couldn’t say how safe/effective it was.

Dunland proved crazy with MORE killer cows!!!

We headed to Galtrev and then south to Carreglyn but another possible way could be to head east of Galtrev to Tal Methedras Gate, 78.3S/11.2W then south to the Rohirrim scout camp 80.9S /10.6W, pass Slade of Shadows 83.2S/9.6W- but watch out for goats- then tree of tribute, near mustering tree 80.2S/12.1W and cut through Rhuval Cadlus if we can.
Just don’t go directly above Galtrev-killer cows- or below-killer orcs.

Think the key is to keep running and let designated killers kill.

Thanks to the team that came this morning, there were parts when I was howling with laughter and disbelief.