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      We reached Fordirth (Enedwaith) at the 1hr 42m mark before our hobbit was killed by a Wolverine.

      Video to follow, but I was hope to get some feedback from the attendees on what worked and what didn’t.

      I think we need at minimum a person at the front ahead (scout) of the path finder clearing the route ahead ideally with a ranged attack. There should be a healer by the side of the hobbit at all times. Ideally the scout, path finder, healer and hobbit should talk over voice chat. The hobbit since they should be on follow most of the time should relay instructions via raid chat.

      I managed to get us lost in the Trollshaws trying to find a path from the High Moors to Eregion. So ideally you need someone who knows the route well (where’s Aragon when you need him?).

      Another tricky place is crossing Mirobel, Eregion to get to Enedwaith.

      Thanks to everyone for attending!

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      It was great !
      I was still a bit sleepy at the beginning (7am Sunday morning for me : wasn’t planning to come in fact, but since I was awake, I thought I might as well join you).
      I think we need more than one scout ahead, but also a rearguard. Sometimes, mobs that seemed far away enough to be safe for the scout moved towards the path and attacked from behind.

      Mirveth / Shandernagor

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      Taking the hobbit to Isengard

      Task: The challenge is to take a lowbie hobbit to Isengard alive and unspoiled.

      Based on what I read up about how Sapiance has run it in the past, the hobbit usually /follows the hunter and that hunter is the “path finder”. During the event the hobbit does not intervene with anything: directions, fighting and so on. If they die, the hobbit goes back to the Prancing Pony milestone and the server can go again.

      Eagle run
      If the hunter does not know the way, still have hobbit follow hunter but have two main people upfront: one as “path finder” (no killing) and the other for killing. Path finder should not deviate from path or attack anything and ideally, they should have a marker over their head (even possibly be the leader of the group so we can follow the different colour green dot). In addition, the path finder should try and refrain from stopping-acting almost like the pace maker of a race-and the hunter (or whoever the hobbit has on follow) should all be about following the “pathfinder”.
      For Trollshaw and beyond, there needs to be an inner circle around hobbit/hunter: front, back and sides. Ideally one of those should be a healer (although 2 might be better to alternate and give each healer a rest). Then there needs to be an outer circle (one or two each side and at the front and rear-I guess almost like a diamond shape) and these guys should be the first line of defence with the inner circle being the last line of defence.

      Things to watch out for:
      1.As soon as we cross the bridge into Trollshaw the hobbit receives a message saying that the way ahead is filled with danger and that ALL creatures will be attracted to the hobbit (even more so than when we are chickens).
      2.Animals coming from what seems to be nowhere (most tended to attack from behind).
      3.We do not have to aggro a creature or run near it to attract it.
      4.Sometimes the hobbit came off follow without warning.
      5.When on follow sometimes there may be a big gap between hunter and hobbit.
      6.Inner circle, including hunter, should limit kills as they bring the creature towards the hobbit.
      7.Lvl 10 hobbits only have 3 morale pots.
      8. Jumping off a cliff might well kill a lvl 10 hobbit.
      9. Add target assist (I think this is right)- as it will tell runners what’s attacking the hunter/hobbit.
      9.”Nice” creatures attack-Deer/doe.

      1. Head the same way as you would for the Trollshaw Flying the Coop chicken run- to the High Moors. Watch out for Doe and those digger creatures.
      2. You need to go passed the camp with the muster horn on High Moors (if you don’t, you either know a different way of getting there or have gone the wrong way). Watch out for those hidden lynx.
      3. Just after the camp with the muster horn, there’s a passage to the right, which leads you through a field of worms and drakes as you head towards Giant’s Valley.
      4. Head SE through Giant’s Valley, but don’t go through the route with trolls, take the empty route down and you’ll come to a small lake/river, which you need to cross.
      5. Check on the Trollshaw map as it will say “To Eregion”.
      6. Once in Eregion you need to head south, as if you were going to Mirobel (although don’t go there). Watch out for crabain.
      7.Head towards Emyn Naer and cross the river. Once across the river turn left and follow the river up-although you may need to veer right. Watch out for humanoids.
      8. You should now be in Enedwaith.
      9. Head south towards Dunland- be careful in Fordirith (sneaky wolverines). Follow the path south.
      10. Dunland- Watch out for wights in the Bonevales.
      11. Not tested: Perhaps head to Galtrev and head east to Gravenwood rather than going south near Carreglyn (I spy an enemy camp there).
      12. Follow the path south with the mountains, the ones hiding Isengard, on your left.
      13. At a crossroads, turn left/north and into the Isengard den.

      Hope that helps, Neem.

      PS. Desperate to get back out there and complete it. Hopefully I won’t panic next time and stress out my healer and protectors ;)

      Thinking about it Gell, Kes, Eleni (I think) and I did this route with Bringers as chickens with no protectors. It was nuts!

      This event was so much fun so thanks for joining!

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      I had fun and was able to practice healing skill for a change. It took a lont longer that anticipated and I am sorry that Neem Died.

      Meanwhile – have some Orlando Bloom

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      So Drac, Sans, Maed, Neri, Fire and I did a recon mission this morning looking for different paths to Isengard.

      This time round we didn’t go High Moors but went by water down the Bruinen….frogs, bogs and worms but seemed safer.

      Enedwaith gave us multiple issues including killer cows!!!! It was NUTS!! But once on the road it was a little better.

      The Lich bluff/bonevale area was a wight mine area. Killer wight archers on mountaintop.

      Neridos suggested Mournshaws rather than Lich bluffs perhaps. Didn’t try Mournshaws so couldn’t say how safe/effective it was.

      Dunland proved crazy with MORE killer cows!!!

      We headed to Galtrev and then south to Carreglyn but another possible way could be to head east of Galtrev to Tal Methedras Gate, 78.3S/11.2W then south to the Rohirrim scout camp 80.9S /10.6W, pass Slade of Shadows 83.2S/9.6W- but watch out for goats- then tree of tribute, near mustering tree 80.2S/12.1W and cut through Rhuval Cadlus if we can.
      Just don’t go directly above Galtrev-killer cows- or below-killer orcs.

      Think the key is to keep running and let designated killers kill.

      Thanks to the team that came this morning, there were parts when I was howling with laughter and disbelief.


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      Thanks for all the awesome feedback everyone!

      Here’s the video

      Link to video is here.

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      Great video Luri!!! We had a tree chasing us???? What???? Had no idea.

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      Taking the Hobbits to Isengard Part 2

      Another nice big group of us headed out to see if we could do better than Part 1, and even complete the challenge; however, Minineem met her fate in Dunland.

      Passing through Trollshaws was nothing like Part 1 and it was as if the baddies were all asleep or frightened to come out. This time we opted for swimming down the Ford and it was fairly stress free. When swimming down the Ford it’s best to stick to the right and away from those pesky bog lurkers.

      Eregion was a lot smoother too. We still had lynx and birds to deal with but by this time we seemed to have a system working.

      Enedwaith-no wolverine deaths to report! Heading to the road in Windfells became a little bit dangerous as we stumbled upon a nesting area of birds that spawned quite quickly. However, we managed to get through safely. Staying on the road seemed to be a good option. Our system was working quite well

      Dunland- we made it! Minineem died.

      Despite all of our lag and disconnecting issues, we did really well. A big well done and thank you to all of those who participated. We’ll get it next time!

      Some thoughts for next time:
      1. Perhaps having a few more higher level players on the run, as I think that may have scared off the killer cows!
      2. We should run it like an actual actual. Pathfinder should take point and just run and all should follow pathfinder, with no stops or turning back. We need to work on improving our time.
      3. Minineem needs to remember she’s only lvl 10!

      Would love to hear any of your thoughts about Saturday’s run.


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