2023 January Election – Results!

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      Thank you to everyone who voted! The results are…

      Total Voters: 48

      IronQuill: 27

      Counsil Officer:
      Salnir: 28

      Aoeswith 27
      Calrundir 27
      Deralorn 27
      Hellenwheels 27
      Xavier 27

      Meaning everyone was approved with above 50% (24) of the votes! \o/

      Our inauguration party is this Sunday, Feb 5th (TODAY!) 3pm EST (server time). Come to the Kin Party House at 2 Chalk Rd. in the kin neighbourhood. There will be speeches, fireworks, fun, a parade through Bree, maybe some prizes!! Come celebrate your outgoing and incoming leadership teams!!

      Your outgoing leader,
      Salnir (Rafael)
      a.k.a. Aegtelion, Beleghund, Bheleg, Gwyndor, Lohmion, Mhablung, Salkeeper, Tibrox and Maiestas…

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