2023 January Election – Nominations are up!

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      It is election time!

      We hold elections every 6 months for officer, council officer, and leader positions and they are now underway!

      Eagles Elections serve to affirm the leadership team of Officer, Council Officer, and Leader roles. The Eagles is a participative kinship where we all take care of each other and help make it the best kin ever! We have such a special group of people here that all like to have fun, both solo and with a group. But such awesomeness doesn’t last without ongoing efforts. We need your expertise, enthusiasm and ideas to help our wonderful kinship continue to thrive and grow. A six-month term is a fun and rewarding experience. If you would like to be an officer, let us know!

      Your vote counts! Nomination does not guarantee an officer badge. Nominees must win the approval of at least 50% of total voters in each election. So, as an example, if thirty Eagles vote, the candidate must win at least 15 votes to get a place on the officer team. This means a candidate is running for their kinnies’ approval, rather than against each other. Also, votes are completely confidential and anonymous. So, please vote and please encourage others to do so, too!

      The schedule for elections is as follows:
      Saturday, Jan 7th: Nominations open. Nominate yourself or someone else!
      Friday , Jan 20th: Nominations close! – Last day to nominate an Officer Candidate!
      Saturday, Jan 21th: Voting opens – Nominees need 50% of cast ballots to be elected
      Thursday, Feb 2nd: Polls close
      Saturday, Feb 4th: Inauguration Party at the kinship party house

      If you’d like to nominate yourself or someone else, reply to this post with your nomination! Don’t wait until the last minute, talk to your nominee and see if they accept!

      Once you have been nominated, post a brief speech about you, why you would like to be an officer, and how you would like to serve.

      Details on each position:

      2023 January Election – Role Descriptions

      The schedule milestones will be added to the calendar. And we will keep you updated via the forum and kin mail at each stage.

      If you have any questions, please contact one of the current officers in-game or on discord.

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      I nominate Hellenwheels for Officer.

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        thank you! I gratefully and humbly accept.

        I don’t know much about end game zones, but I would love to lead some mid-level raids and will encourage kinship activities on a regular basis!


        Hellenwheels (Destructress/Zemblanity)

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        What a great profile pic!!!

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        thanks! =)

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      I’m nominating myself (Salnir) for Counsil Officer next term.
      I have not been as active as I wish, but I’m currently leader and oldest officer still in the seat, so I feel like I can help guide the new generation of officers to come.

      I’m also nominating IronQuill for Leader.
      Quill has been a great officer/leader, always with great ideas and takes the initiative on our meetings. It would be great to have you again, Quill!

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      I would like to nominate myself for Officer. I have done it in the past and hope to be a bit more active this time around; in addition, I am done with school and will hopefully have the time and the means to continue to be on most days for the first time in several years. Cheers


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      I nominate Aoeswith for officer in addition to the nominations above ^^ :)

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        Thanks, Bat. I accept the nomination.

        I have been playing LOTRO off and on since its release. It is one of the best MMOs out there and I’ve played many. Now that I have a max-level character again, I have time to look up from my game landscape and offer assistance to others. I also would be willing to lead instances, though I ask for patience, if I haven’t run it before :-)

        – Aoeswith (Central time zone)

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      I second Salnir’s nomination of Ironquill as kinship leader.

      Working with Quill on Moors events has helped me get to know his mindset, capabilities and motivations. He’s a fun guy, thoughtful, easy-going, and has a fair bit of what we call hobbit sense. Those are great qualities for a kin leader!

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      First, I accept Salnir and Seremond’s nomination of me as kin leader.

      Second, I nominate the following people for officer. I’ve observed these individuals in game and the traits they possess will continue to strengthen the kin going forward. These individuals are: Aoeswith, Hellenwheels, Xavier, and Deralorn.

      Lastly, I also second Salnir’s nomination for the role of Council officer.

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      I nominate Calrundir to be an officer. Cal has been helpful to kinnies and would make a good officer going forward.

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        I accept and am happy to help in any way I can, thanks!

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      I like all the nominees that have been listed so far. All you guys are awesome beyond words. Is it possible to nominate all the people mentioned here or is there a limit?

      Sorry guys, I play all the time, but due to severe hip arthritis, I’m always afk to get up and walk around, I would make a poor group or raid leader.

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        Hey Sly, i agree with you, the nominated team looks great, 1 nomination is adequate for a nominee to be listed in the voting page. You can nominate a mentioned nominee as there is no limit or harm in that :) Kinnies don’t have to be an officer to run events or raids. Just let an officer know time and date so officers can add it to calendar.

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      2023 January Election – Nominations are officially CLOSED!

      Thanks everyone for the nominations!

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