Taking the Hobbit(s) to Isengard

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      Our wee Hobbit lass Luringtad was aided by Hagenti, Gad, Pakyn, Larusso, Saed and our ally Northgad (please let if I missed anyone out)

      We got to Eregion via the Bruinen river rather than the High Moors thanks to Hagenti’s path finding skills. We best our last attempt escaping the wight archers of the Lich Bluffs.

      No sooner had we set foot in Dunland when we were set upon by all manner of beasts!

      I think if we had survived we could’ve easily beaten Gilrain world server’s 1hr 22m 55s from the original challenge.

      Lots of fun was had by all. No doubt we’ll get Luringtad to her destination one day!

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      good to read it

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