2023 January Election – Voting started!!

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      Your vote counts! Nomination does not guarantee an officer badge. Nominees must win the approval of at least 50% of total voters in each election. So, as an example, if thirty Eagles vote, the candidate must win at least 15 votes to get a place on the officer team. This means a candidate is running for their kinnies’ approval, rather than against each other. Also, votes are completely confidential and anonymous. So, please vote and please encourage others to do so, too!

      This term we have just one candidate for Leader and one for Counsil Member, but we have multiple officers. Remember you can vote in all of them if you’d like to! As mentioned, candidates are running for their kinnies’ approval, not against each other. We want to form a nice team and want to see who are the ones you approve to be there.

      The schedule for elections is as follows:
      Saturday, Jan 21th: Voting opens – Nominees need 50% of cast ballots to be elected
      Thursday, Feb 2nd: Polls close
      Saturday, Feb 4th: Inauguration Party at the kinship party house

      To vote, please follow this link:

      Elections January 2023

      Thank you and happy adventuring! :)

      Salnir (Rafael),
      a.k.a. Aegtelion, Beleghund, Bheleg, Gwyndor, Lohmion, Mhablung, Salkeeper, Tibrox and Maiestas.

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      Remember to log in before you vote! If you don’t, it will appear that you voted but it won’t be counted.

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      I voted across the board, I think everyone in the list makes a great officer.

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      voting done, sad to see Bat isn’t on the list. Waves at Bat

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