Reply To: Elections July/August 2018: Nominations Open!


Breg for Council Officer!

I would like to put my name in the ring to return for another term as Council officer. I am a casual player, but with help from kinmates, am T2 ready (and can perform adequately at T2C with good leadership). I enjoy many aspects of the game, including questing, deeding, crafting, wondering why I have so few inventory slots available, getting to know the other members of our kinship, festivals, peeking into all areas of Middle Earth, learning the lore, and fellowship content. Oh, yes, and I have been growing my wardrobe space and crafting dyes to try to measure up to some of our fashionista kinmates who always look so put together!

I still quake a little bit at leading kin events, but have run several successful events that helped complete deeds, get lotro points (oh so important!), and move story forward. I’d like to repeat some of the ones I’ve done already for those who still want to come, and branch out into some other deeds like the Floid and Dewitt, treasure caches, etc.

Thanks for considering me,