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      Nominate yourself, announcing which role you’re running for, and adding a campaign blurb to persuade other kinmembers to vote for you!

      Let’s get the nominations on!

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      I would like to nominate Guivien as kin leader.

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      I’d like to put my name forward for a Council Officer position. I believe the kin made some good progress in the last six months, and I’m gratified to have played a part in that. Some specific areas I helped with included:

      – setting up & managing our Discord server
      – web site review & updates
      – leadership role review & updates
      – running many events, including leading two complete Abyss T1 runs and a Rakothas run
      – taking a 6-week turn as leader

      My niche tends to be end-game content, and I will be continuing to organize and lead such events. Beyond that, I look forward to working with the incoming officers to keep supporting the Eagles.


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      Hello, I’d like to put my name forward for officer. Having been involved in the game since day 1, I have a wealth of knowledge. I like to have fun in game, whether it’s playing trivia, looking for Easter eggs in the game, hosting gathering forays, or having community trading events. I’ve been a recruiter in game, led raiding groups, led younger players through places such a Carn Dum and Uru. I’m probably one of the few that likes to deed, because I get to explore every bit of Middle Earth. I’d like to see our active kin stay active.

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      Hello! I’d also like to step up for an officer spot, so here comes the CV!

      So what to expect from a Mer officer? Well these are the axes of my campaign :P


      Featured Instances: I’m an enthusiastic Featured Instance T2C runner, so whenever the FI belongs to a questpack I own, you can expect between one run and a stravaganzza of several magical runs per day.

      Other endgame useful t2cs: Back when lvl 105 was cap I liked helping people through the easiest of the Osgiliath/Pelennor t2cs and, if they wanted to, introducing them to the hardest of them -never led raids though-; with the current lvl 115 scaling that is harder to do but I’m still open to it and to figuring out a new optimal instance progression path, these intentions might also benefit from the upcoming 120 cap.

      Low level runs: None of my toons tend to stay beneath level cap for long, but if and when I have a lowbie toon, I’ll be up for low level runs.

      All roles covered: The Mer family is proud to have a wide array of toons: tanks, healers, supporters and even DPSers, in summation, whatever an Eagles run may need.


      Alas! Crafting is not my forte, with that being said, I do have fully guilded the scholar and metalsmith professions, as well having a fully developed -but not guilded- woodworker, in case they’re ever needed. Full disclaimer though, I always tend to be low on materials and those I have belong to tier 9 and beyond, so I suck even more when it comes to low level crafting.

      General Help: deeds, advice, memes, world domination, etc

      Deeds: As a premium player, from time to time the act of deeding is required, when that occurs a call to the Eagles is to be expected.

      Narrative playing: Writing a backstory for your beloved carácter but stuck in a creative hole of uttermost despair? A question about Middle Earth lore? Mer may not have a BA on all things Tolkien, but Mer has had an intense lifelong interest on the subject and is glad to be of help.

      Class and role advice: I may not have a toon of each class, but I do have a decent share of them and, from experience, know the basic tenets of each LOTRO role, so feel welcome to ask me anything and I’ll help as best I can! I’ve also been dabbling with the idea of writing 2018 updated guides for the following classes: LM, Captain (tank and support roles) and Minstrel.

      Memes and world domination: ALWAYS

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      Hello friends,

      I’d like to put my name in the ring for the leader position. I’ve served as leader several times before, though I can’t remember exactly how many. In the last term, I served as a member of the Eagles Council and worked heavily on growing the kinship and finding members that would make great Eagles. My history in this kinship is quite long, having been a part of the first Coursera class when Founder Ivrig formed the Eagles of Thorondor in September of 2013. While I am by no means a perfect human being, I believe that my overall impact on this kinship has been positive. There were a couple of downs, but I’ve always remained committed to the Eagles, even when I was away. This is home. This has always been home. This will always be my home.

      What can I offer? Many already know me, but for those of you who are newer or who joined during my absence I’d like let you know what my priorities would be should I be elected leader.

      Recruiting: I will continue to recruit all types of players so that we can remain a vibrant and active kinship and so that no matter a members play style, they will find at least a few others who share their priorities and time zone within the kinship. To that end, I plan to focus on recruiting more a) in the Euro/African/Asian time zones since some of our members from those areas have become inactive, and b) kinless players looking for more group content, possibly challenging.

      Events: I myself am not a hardcore end-gamer; however, I do like a challenge and work to make Guivien a toon that can run some of the harder content. As a kinship that supports all play types, I believe I’m well placed to support and create events for both casual, social players (I’m very social!) and those who prefer to focus on challenging content. I do not level or reach cap as fast as some of my very good friends, but I’ll help Eagles out to whatever extent I can while I slowly make my way to the hardest content. So, I’m a good mixture of both types of play types and my goal is to make our events calendar reflective of all of our members’ interests and have events more often than we have been.

      Admittedly, I am not an RP player, but will do whatever I can to support our RP-playing members, including currently facilitating the creation and training of our very first Eagles band!

      Kin Chest System: I recently re-organized the entire kin chest system and upgraded our main kin chest numerous times so we can fit more in. While the kin chest system we had before (which I helped create and maintain) was fabulous, the current Council felt that ten homes was too large of a system to keep track of. So, I’ve decreased the number of chests in our kin neighborhood down to five. Hopefully that is helpful. I’ve also been taking all of the donations and sorting them into their appropriate locations over this last six month term. To see the updated kin chest map, please visit https://www.eaglesofthorondor.com/kinship-chests/. I will keep up on this, should I be elected leader.

      Alliance: Though our alliance chat channel and some of our allied kinships have quieted some, in order to support the remaining members of TEB allied kinships, I propose an alliance-wide event held by the Eagles at least once every other month. I will work with the leaders of Tenacity, Rangers, and Dwellers to get the information out to their members for these events. I’m the last “surviving” leader of the original alliance between the Tenacity Folk of Middle Earth, the Eagles of Thorondor, and the Bringers of Light. The Rangers of the Black Watch and the Dwellers of the Old Forest joined at a later date. For newer Eagles who aren’t familiar with the alliance or the teb-talk chat channel, feel free to send me a message for further information.

      Thank you for your time and consideration.

      Guivien “Gui” Doomslayer

      “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” – Gandalf

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      Breg for Council Officer!

      I would like to put my name in the ring to return for another term as Council officer. I am a casual player, but with help from kinmates, am T2 ready (and can perform adequately at T2C with good leadership). I enjoy many aspects of the game, including questing, deeding, crafting, wondering why I have so few inventory slots available, getting to know the other members of our kinship, festivals, peeking into all areas of Middle Earth, learning the lore, and fellowship content. Oh, yes, and I have been growing my wardrobe space and crafting dyes to try to measure up to some of our fashionista kinmates who always look so put together!

      I still quake a little bit at leading kin events, but have run several successful events that helped complete deeds, get lotro points (oh so important!), and move story forward. I’d like to repeat some of the ones I’ve done already for those who still want to come, and branch out into some other deeds like the Floid and Dewitt, treasure caches, etc.

      Thanks for considering me,

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