Kinship chests

The Eagles have two kinship houses in the Shire Homesteads of Falgo’s Delf. A good few kinmembers live in the same homestead and have opened up their chests for kinship use.


Eagles of Thorondor kinship chests in Falgo’s Delf, Shire Homesteads


  • Teal-level items (armour, weapons, etc.) and Major Essences will be accepted on a space-available basis. If there is no space available, the item will be returned to the donor or vendored to pay for housing maintenance. Items below purple level will not be accepted.
  • Third Age Legendary items will not be accepted. We will keep only First and Second Age items in the kinchest.
  • Deed items (available in Aglarya’s house) should be put into your bag, then placed back into the kinchest. Please be sure to return these items after use.
  • Cosmetic items should also be returned to the chest after use.
  • Recipes: only single-use recipes accepted.
  • Mats: no more than one stack of 500 for a given material
  • Class quest items: only 1 stack of 100 for any given item.
  • Any donated items which are not needed or do not comply with the rules will be sold to pay for kinship house maintenance.


As noted in the Code of Conduct, the use of items in kinship chests is restricted to leveling craftsmen or for improving the weapons, armour, and statistics of Eagles members. Take what you need and leave the rest for our fellow Eagles. Please do not stockpile crafting materials or sell items from our kinship chests to benefit your character economically. It is a sanctionable offence to do so.