Reply To: The Eagles take the hobbit to Isengard #1


Taking the Hobbits to Isengard Part 2

Another nice big group of us headed out to see if we could do better than Part 1, and even complete the challenge; however, Minineem met her fate in Dunland.

Passing through Trollshaws was nothing like Part 1 and it was as if the baddies were all asleep or frightened to come out. This time we opted for swimming down the Ford and it was fairly stress free. When swimming down the Ford it’s best to stick to the right and away from those pesky bog lurkers.

Eregion was a lot smoother too. We still had lynx and birds to deal with but by this time we seemed to have a system working.

Enedwaith-no wolverine deaths to report! Heading to the road in Windfells became a little bit dangerous as we stumbled upon a nesting area of birds that spawned quite quickly. However, we managed to get through safely. Staying on the road seemed to be a good option. Our system was working quite well

Dunland- we made it! Minineem died.

Despite all of our lag and disconnecting issues, we did really well. A big well done and thank you to all of those who participated. We’ll get it next time!

Some thoughts for next time:
1. Perhaps having a few more higher level players on the run, as I think that may have scared off the killer cows!
2. We should run it like an actual actual. Pathfinder should take point and just run and all should follow pathfinder, with no stops or turning back. We need to work on improving our time.
3. Minineem needs to remember she’s only lvl 10!

Would love to hear any of your thoughts about Saturday’s run.