Reply To: 2019 January Nominations are Open!


Hello everyone,

I’d like to put my hat in the ring for leader once again. Here are my promises to you if you vote for me:

*More events OF ALL TYPES (you heard me right)
*Complaining about my cats (thankfully, no more puppy complaints as she goes to her new home this Saturday!)
*Create new alliance or drastically revitalize the existing TEB alliance
*Determining an official theme song for the kinship
*Finding more level 120 Guardian tanks and LMs…somehow
*Making sure officers answers their mail a bit faster (sorry, officers)
*Addressing inappropriate behavior in kinchat and during kin runs, which is exactly what you love about this here librarian.
*Recruitment of more Pacific (US) and Asian time zone players so our late night (server time) friends are less lonely
*Gleefully talking about Star Trek whenever the opportunity arises.
*Creation of a group for those that are T2 ready or those actively working toward that goal.
*Standing in Bree while multi-tasking for hours on end.
*Orient newer members/re-orient all of our members to our kinship, it’s resources, and it’s website as well as get all active members a copy of our kinship ceremonial garb.
*And, most importantly, refresh and revitalize our kinhouses and the kinship neighborhood. We’re gonna add a movie theater, a Starbucks, and a Honda Steed Dealership for good measure.

I did this on my lunch at work so I’m sure I’ve forgotten at least ten bullet points worth of promises and jokes and will regret at least two of the bullet points I’ve already added.