2019 January Nominations are Open!

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      Friends, please nominate yourself or another for one of the following positions, if you’d like. Please be sure to read all of the descriptions before doing so.


      The Leader and all Officers are expected to abide by, respect, and embody the code of conduct as a bare minimum. Beyond that, they are expected to represent the kin well, responsibly, and respectfully at all times because they are the public face of the kinship.

      Leader (1 position available)

      Per Turbine’s rules, a kin leader is the sole person with the power to promote/demote members to officers, and to disband the kinship (No, never!). Leadership of the Eagles includes all the responsibilities of Council Officers, plus:
      ⦁ Expected to play 10 hours per week (on average) on kin toons
      ⦁ Must have been an Officer of the Eagles in the last year
      ⦁ Works to create and/or maintain an alliance/strategic partnerships with other kinships.

      ⦁ Take charge of leading and encouraging discussions regarding proposals for the kinship as needed and may perform or assign other duties as well, including leading organization for the next election.

      Council Officers (3 positions available)

      Council officers have all the duties of regular officers, plus the requirement to discuss any issues that arise and help maintain the health of the kinship. The additional duties include:

      *Expected to play 7 hours per week (on average) on kin toons

      *Help maintain the Kinship House Chest (sort donations, sell overflow etc.)
      ⦁ Provide a point of contact for kinnies/officers wishing to run events; keep the event calendar updated and let people know if there is a conflict with proposed dates
      ⦁ Announce upcoming events
      ⦁ Update MOTD with upcoming event + freebie
      ⦁ Manage the recruits/alts/promos tracker (Google Sheets), and promote kinnies and alts when appropriate
      ⦁ Run, lead, or assist with leading at least one event per week, such as a social gathering, deed run, instance, or any other fun group activity for kin members
      ⦁ Run a scheduled event once a month (choose event and add to calendar in advance)
      ⦁ Help recruit new players to the kinship

      *Must maintain an officer gmail account and check it and is expected to reply to messages within a week, barring emergencies.

      Officers (6 positions available)

      ⦁ Expected to play 6 hours per week (on average) on kin toons

      ⦁ Help out kinnies in the game as you can, such as answering questions, helping on a quest, and so on
      ⦁ Lead or assist with leading at least one event per month, such as a social gathering, deed run, instance, or any other fun group activity for kin members
      ⦁ Participate in group activities regularly
      ⦁ Recruit players who request to join
      ⦁ Know the Eagles Code of Conduct and coach other players as needed

      As an international kinship, our goal is to have at least one officer in a time zone from each continent. However, we know that depends on who decides to run. If you are active and from a non-Western Hemisphere time zone, please consider running.

      Any questions? Reply to this message, send an in-game or private forum message to any of the officers, or email the officers via officers@eaglesofthorondor.com.

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      I’m not necessarily running to be an officer because my RL will not allow me to go on group events and raids, but it would be nice to have one on the graveyard shift to help with inviting alts and things of that nature.

      Quite often because of my work hours I am on the grave yard shift with a couple of other kinnies, and it would help to have an officer there.

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        Is this a self-nomination or telling me to get on the job and get an officer for your time zone/play time? ;)

        If this is a tentative self-nomination contingent on your concerns, you would have to commit to running/leading one monthly pre-scheduled event. If you’re concerned about the duty to “participate in group activities regularly” that’s only if those sorts of activities are going on during the time you are playing. So, we aren’t expecting any officer to shift play times to participate in group activities happening at other times, if that clears that up.

        I was going to nominate you myself, Slyv, and wanted to talk to you about this very things via IM; however, we’ve not been on at the same time recently which is why I’m responding here.

        Either way, I respect your wish to run or not run for officer.



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      I am going to boldly put my name forward as a candidate for officer :)

      I’m always happy to help kinnies in need, and also have an interest in running end game content. Also it would be nice to have an officer on during European times when I usually play :)

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        Slyv get’s a whole paragraph of Guiness and I just get a high five?!?!?


        <3 Hope to see a few more nominations on here! :)

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      Hey everyone, My name is Tin (Tindalel, Tinamarwe, Tinulalwing) and I would like to put my name forward as a candidate for an officer role.

      While I don’t yet have a character that is high enough level to do end game raids and general gameplay, I love doing deed runs, both explorer and slayer. My favourite thing to organize, however, are social events such as hide and seek. I hope to organize many more in various places, of both mentioned events. I hope to bring such events to the kin!

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      Hello everyone,

      I’d like to put my hat in the ring for leader once again. Here are my promises to you if you vote for me:

      *More events OF ALL TYPES (you heard me right)
      *Complaining about my cats (thankfully, no more puppy complaints as she goes to her new home this Saturday!)
      *Create new alliance or drastically revitalize the existing TEB alliance
      *Determining an official theme song for the kinship
      *Finding more level 120 Guardian tanks and LMs…somehow
      *Making sure officers answers their mail a bit faster (sorry, officers)
      *Addressing inappropriate behavior in kinchat and during kin runs, which is exactly what you love about this here librarian.
      *Recruitment of more Pacific (US) and Asian time zone players so our late night (server time) friends are less lonely
      *Gleefully talking about Star Trek whenever the opportunity arises.
      *Creation of a group for those that are T2 ready or those actively working toward that goal.
      *Standing in Bree while multi-tasking for hours on end.
      *Orient newer members/re-orient all of our members to our kinship, it’s resources, and it’s website as well as get all active members a copy of our kinship ceremonial garb.
      *And, most importantly, refresh and revitalize our kinhouses and the kinship neighborhood. We’re gonna add a movie theater, a Starbucks, and a Honda Steed Dealership for good measure.

      I did this on my lunch at work so I’m sure I’ve forgotten at least ten bullet points worth of promises and jokes and will regret at least two of the bullet points I’ve already added.


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      Oh, you definitely have my vote for leader. I think you’re an awesome leader. Not only that, it takes a strong kin leader to tolerate my jokes. XD

      Wait a second, you like to talk about Star Trek? You know Morn, he never shuts up…

      As far as whether or not I run for officer, I’m just saying that even though I am unable to run group events due to my real life, I am on during the California time(Pacific) graveyard shift, and I would be able to do things like invite people’s alts, and take care of concerns.

      What I mean to say, is that I’m available if no one else on the graveyard shift wants the job. For example, when I was on tonight, there were about 7 kin members and no officers.

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      I’d love for you to vote for me,
      For position of council officer, you see.

      I’m not the prettiest face, mind you,
      But I’m a good competitor in a race or two.

      I am someone you might want nearby,
      To make your amount of morale sky high!

      I also like to poke around a bit
      In places where my skills don’t fit

      But if my britches are too big,
      I won’t be long, jiggity-jig.

      If lead I must, and it be true,
      I’d love to have you along, too!


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        Omg, you are ADORABLE.

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        I love the line “If my britches are too big”. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      Omg omg omg just realised the day for this thread ends on eastern time not ln central time!!! Aaaaaaahhhh before the day is over Mer nominates Mer for officerrrr.

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      Disclaimer: Mers platform will come once the nomination acceptance is acceptably accepted. For questions go to http://www.thisisnotaPonzischeme.org/Mersplatform2019/

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      For Council Off’cer I would run,
      To ‘tinue work that I’ve begun.
      Some events a-leading,
      Class tips a-teaching,
      I aim to help the Eagles have fun!


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      OK as part of the Yellow LM party I am pleased to announce a second candidate for officer besides Mer:


      Arnen’s platform is simple: you get a car! And you get a car! We all get a car!

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      Putting forth my candidacy:

      Happy to serve, if needed.

      I’ve been in game for almost 12 years, and I have several active toons, so with all the repetition, I tend to remember how to do things. I’m pretty good at sorting out what is missing from a quest chain, or advising how to shortcut through something, or how to come at a difficult quest. Thinkin’ thoughts. Yep, that’s me.

      I’m on in the mornings (server time), so I could help cover that time period.

      I love big battles and don’t mind new toons getting their promotion points. And I like explaining the mechanics. I do, however, tend to insist on using discord or in game voice, because I do not enjoy trying to type and play at the same time (just not gifted in that way … how do people DO it?) :)

      I can help sort out how to make your first forever LI. I can craft all sorts of things.

      I very much dislike and disapprove of the braggy elitism we find in some kins. It’s great to achieve things and there’s a time for congratulations, but I don’t like other people to feel shy about their game play or their gear in comparison. We’re just here to have fun, not to compete. Ya know? I’ll never look down on you for asking “dumb” questions (sic). Some of my answers are dumb, but I will try to keep that to a minimum.

      I also run a couple of creep toons a couple of days a week. If you want to learn in a no-pressure environment, and can run mornings (ST) then you can join me and my pvp partner. I don’t lead raids there, but do join in when there is enough action. I’m an okay pvp player. Not great. But as orcs go, pretty cheerful about it all.


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      The nominations are closed. Thanks to all who nominated themselves or someone else!


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      Finally got this thing to work, yippee.

      Oh! Ya!

      Everyone gets a car as Mer said.

      Just tell me your prefenrence: Matchbox or Hot Wheels.


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