Reply To: 2019 January Nominations are Open!



Is this a self-nomination or telling me to get on the job and get an officer for your time zone/play time? ;)

If this is a tentative self-nomination contingent on your concerns, you would have to commit to running/leading one monthly pre-scheduled event. If you’re concerned about the duty to “participate in group activities regularly” that’s only if those sorts of activities are going on during the time you are playing. So, we aren’t expecting any officer to shift play times to participate in group activities happening at other times, if that clears that up.

I was going to nominate you myself, Slyv, and wanted to talk to you about this very things via IM; however, we’ve not been on at the same time recently which is why I’m responding here.

Either way, I respect your wish to run or not run for officer.