Reply To: 2019 January Nominations are Open!


Putting forth my candidacy:

Happy to serve, if needed.

I’ve been in game for almost 12 years, and I have several active toons, so with all the repetition, I tend to remember how to do things. I’m pretty good at sorting out what is missing from a quest chain, or advising how to shortcut through something, or how to come at a difficult quest. Thinkin’ thoughts. Yep, that’s me.

I’m on in the mornings (server time), so I could help cover that time period.

I love big battles and don’t mind new toons getting their promotion points. And I like explaining the mechanics. I do, however, tend to insist on using discord or in game voice, because I do not enjoy trying to type and play at the same time (just not gifted in that way … how do people DO it?) :)

I can help sort out how to make your first forever LI. I can craft all sorts of things.

I very much dislike and disapprove of the braggy elitism we find in some kins. It’s great to achieve things and there’s a time for congratulations, but I don’t like other people to feel shy about their game play or their gear in comparison. We’re just here to have fun, not to compete. Ya know? I’ll never look down on you for asking “dumb” questions (sic). Some of my answers are dumb, but I will try to keep that to a minimum.

I also run a couple of creep toons a couple of days a week. If you want to learn in a no-pressure environment, and can run mornings (ST) then you can join me and my pvp partner. I don’t lead raids there, but do join in when there is enough action. I’m an okay pvp player. Not great. But as orcs go, pretty cheerful about it all.