Reply To: July 2019 Nominations are OPEN!!!


Gad and Anniee,

I love that both of you nominated me for the leadership role. It’s nice to know that my past work has not gone unnoticed and that people actually like me ;). However, I am unable to meet the duty requirements to fulfill that position at this time and it would be unfair to the Council Officers for me to continue in a role like that when I no longer can meet those requirements. As any past officer can tell you, I take those responsibilities somewhat seriously and I’m not a fan of being hypocritical.

Your thoughts warmed my heart and I do appreciate your support of me as leader. I’ve been around a bit more over the last month, still not often enough, of course; but, I look forward to getting a chance, even if just one hour a week, to log in and chatting with everyone.

Again, thank you Gad and Anniee, for your trust in me.