Reply To: Treats or Trickery doormat addresses


2019 Update:

All eight treats are available in Falgo’s Delf (use the kinship travel skill to get there).

Who What Where
Guivien Apple Goblins 5 Brookbank St
Seremond Ent-Bark 6 Myrtle Court
Enanillo Ent-Bark 1 Wending Way
Eagles Kinhouse Honey Bears 4 Myrtle Court
Minstracar Jam Tarts 2 Myrtle Court
Nimgalliel Jam Tarts 1 Brookbank St
Seremond Liquorice Treats 5 Harrow Road
Akhuzdah Mad Baggins’ Gold 1 Pleasant St
Mallocke Marshmallows 1 Myrtle Court
Party House Mint Turtles 2 Chalk Road