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      I created a thread on the Arkenstone forums listing locations for these doormats for the Harvestmath festival, in an effort to save as many people as possible as much time from fruitless searching as possible. The address is:

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      Apparently I can’t post in the LOTRO forums, so for kinnies, I’ve got Jam Tarts (6 Chalk Rd, Kinship neighborhood), and Cell has Mad Baggins’ Gold (5 Chalk Rd, Kinship neighborhood).

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      We have more kin/ally homes to visit!

      Breg: 4 Myrtle Court, Falgo’s Delf, Shire Homesteads, Honey-bears
      (Alaron is next door and Tin is in the same neighbourhood near the entrance. Watch for their mats… eventually?)
      Mirondil: 4 fairwview ln maehad, falathorn homesteads
      Arnendal: 6 Fairwood Lane, Maerhad, Falathlorn Homesteads
      Ippe: 1 Fountain Street, Bedbourne (in Bree-land homesteads). Marshmallows
      Mer: 2 Long Street, Codgard, Bree, Mint Turtles


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      and more!

      correction above: Check spelling of Mirondil’s address. Sorry. :-)

      Nim: 1 Brookbank street, falgo’s delf, shire homesteads, Jam tarts
      1 Long Street, Codgard, Bree, apple goblins
      #1 Cliff Road, Belfalas Homesteads, Milnen neighbourhood: Honey-Bears

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      Party kinhouse (2 Chalk Rd, Falgo’s Delf) now has Mint Turtles!

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      Breg, Alaron, and Tin are in Falathlorn homesteads, sorry for the mistake above.
      4 Fairwood Lane, Tathrellond neighbourhood.
      6 Fairwood Lane,
      Haven way (second house in on the left)

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      2019 Update:

      All eight treats are available in Falgo’s Delf (use the kinship travel skill to get there).

      Who What Where
      Guivien Apple Goblins 5 Brookbank St
      Seremond Ent-Bark 6 Myrtle Court
      Enanillo Ent-Bark 1 Wending Way
      Eagles Kinhouse Honey Bears 4 Myrtle Court
      Minstracar Jam Tarts 2 Myrtle Court
      Nimgalliel Jam Tarts 1 Brookbank St
      Seremond Liquorice Treats 5 Harrow Road
      Akhuzdah Mad Baggins’ Gold 1 Pleasant St
      Mallocke Marshmallows 1 Myrtle Court
      Party House Mint Turtles 2 Chalk Road

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