Reply To: Nominations are open!


Hey guys,

There’s no way that I can compete with the super nice, professional look of Saed’s self-nomination nor the length of hers…but, here goes anyway:

I was a elected leader of the Eagles of Thorondor a little over a year ago, along with two others. It was to be a rotating position so that we’d all get a break. This was especially important to me because from February through mid-May, I work 50-60 hours a week (yes, that is right around the corner). The rotation ended up not working as expected and I took full-time leadership of the kinship last April, I believe. So, I submit my nomination for the position or leader or officer as long as you, the voters, are ok with me scaling back my game time just a tad bit until mid-May. So, take that into consideration when deciding who to vote for in this election.

Why vote for me? My first argument would be that I think most of you know what you’re getting by voting for me. For those of you who’ve not been here long, I’ll list a few things I’ve done while leader:

1. A lot of recruiting – dramatic increase in number of Eagles

2. Organizing and moderating Council discussions as well as implementing (with the Council) the following things:
a. Conflict Management and Mediation
b. Coursera class support
c. Creation of the Teb-Talk alliance (includes the Bringers of Light, Rangers of the Black Watch, Tenacity Folk of Middle Earth, and us. If interested in joining the chat channel to expand contacts and resources, please ask a member of the Council for more information).
d. Creation of
e. Establishing officer duties and responsibilities
f. Kinship events
g. EoT Code of Conduct
h. Procedures for (and Implementation of) EoT elections
i. Writing and Implementing the use of a New Members Guide

3. Establishing a positive image of the EoT on the Meneldor server

4. Helping fellow Eagles when I can

5. Promoting recruits to full-fledged Eagles after the two week recruitment phase is over

6. Try to attend as many of the kinship events as I am able.

That’s my spiel. Thank you for considering voting for me.